Sin's Pleasure by LeTeisha Newton

Heat Level 4
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Happily Never Happened, 1

Fairy Godmothers were the spawn of the devil, and Sin was perfectly happy leaving her broken marriage behind. Marriage to Prince Charming wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. She wanted love on her terms, with a man who didn’t think cheating was foreplay. 

Now she's having trouble keeping away from Tobias, her hunk of a bodyguard that protected her when she saw clients as Mistress Sin on Fantasy Avenue. Or staying away from Zuriah, a shifter bent on making them both his mates. 

Now she’s stuck trying on that damn glass slipper again, finding passion like she couldn’t believe existed. If she can just keep the Fairy Godmother from trying to muck things up again, and get over her old break-up, she might just find love ever after. 

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, BDSM, spanking, m/m sex



If Sin hadn’t learned anything else in the world, it was that Fairy Godmothers sucked, happily ever afters never happened, and she wasn’t in the mood to deal with another worthless Prince Charming who didn’t know how to keep his dick in his pants.

Yeah, she thought. Love was a bitch.

It wasn’t that she didn’t believe it could happen. Hell, she’d been the stupid little girl once, abused by her filthy step-sisters and step-mother because her father had been bespelled by the sorceress witch. Sin remembered her mother, and the relationship her mother had with Sin’s father. That had been a couple really in love, and it was the only shining example that Sin ever had in her life. Because, surely, marrying the damn Prince of Elsia had been the worst decision her now cold heart had ever made simply because a Fairy Assmother had put her damn hand in it.

It hadn’t taken long after the blissful nuptials to find Prince Charming riding good old Rapunzel in her damn tower because they would have some privacy. Or to find him jumping Aurora’s bones because, why not, Zel’s own knight liked playing around with Maleficent anyway. Even Sin thought Mal was more fun and should have put a longer sleep spell on Aurora and then everyone would have been happy. Aurora hadn’t been the nicest or princesses anyway, before she’d been put to sleep. Sin wouldn’t trust a woman who liked sleeping with men that didn’t belong to her, and Mal had put Aurora out of her own misery putting her to sleep until she’d found true love. A little tame, by most standards, but it worked. At least Mal might have a chance to get her knight back … That was if she wanted him. The only thing a Fairy Godmother did for Sin was send her as far away from Elsia as possible, in another time and place, where she could be her own woman, and forget the need of having in man in her life.

Things were so much better now because of that—well, as long as she ignored the one man that tugged at her heartstrings and made her want to climb him.

“Sin, Ace in on stage four, and the women are going crazy,” Walter, her head of floor security said to her over the communications unit in her ear. He was a welcome distraction from the head of her overall security detail.

Or did she just think about him again? Ugh.

“Tell him there’s a Bachelorette party coming in to booth fifteen when he’s done. They have requested him personally this evening. Tell Franco that he might have to entertain Rose’s boys tonight, and have Sloane with him if they have a larger party,” Sin sent back, mentally tallying how much the private parties alone had filled her register already. Franco, Barbie, and Sloane were her LGBT clientele favorites, and they brought in quite a penny from drunk frat boys and corporate events. Barbie, especially, because she could give the best of both worlds. Ace was Sin’s lead stripper, and women just went gaga over his piecing blue eyes and blond curls. Something about him looking like the dude playing Achilles. Sin could appreciate the draw. He just wasn’t her type. Not rugged enough. She liked her sex rough, nasty, and just a bit dangerous. Pretty boy slick didn’t appeal. Too much like the asshole she’d left behind.

Tobias isn’t a pretty boy and can give you just what you want. Her treacherous thoughts were going to be the death of her tonight. She didn’t need to think about Tobias. She needed to work and make sure her place was going like it should be. Plus, when she was working she was the one doling out punishment to women and men alike, and Tobias didn’t take punishment. He gave it. No one touched her, not anymore, and he’d want to. A few humps in the dark had taught her that felt as empty as her farce of a marriage. She liked making money and spending it. She loved fixing others, so they never had to go through what she went through. An impossible feat, but it kept her warm at night. She didn’t need him there.

“Need more vodka at bar three,” Trix, her head bartender, called to her. Rule one in a strip club, have female bartenders. Women didn’t really care about standing at the bar all night ogling hot guys just within reach if there weren’t any there, and didn’t worry too much how much they were drinking.

“Then get your ass over to the back and get it,” Sin ordered. “Have Rachel take over for you until you are done. Stock all the bars tonight. We’ve got three parties and Rose is coming by with her brood. It’s going to get wild.”

Rose. Now that was a girl that knew how to party. One of the other misfits that resided on Fantasy Ave, Rose was Sin’s right hand. She ran Spirits Emporium, which exclusively stocked the alcoholic beverages of every company on Fantasy Avenue—from Ari’s Glide and Slide to Blanche’s Poison Apple. Home to the women their worthless Fairy Godmother had screwed in their happily never afters, they’d bonded together and created a world of pleasure, entertainment, and, well, sometimes more pointed desires.

“Speak of the devil,” Sin said, spinning on her six inch, thigh-high, black leather boots when she saw Rose enter Sin’s Pleasure, the premier all male review club on the East coast. Sin tossed her light pink hair over her shoulder, smiling and waiting as Rose came closer. Sin had gone for gothic caramel seductress tonight with a PVC corset around her waist with a pastel pink bra to top it off. She had black elbow fingerless gloves with pretty pink bows up the sleeve. She rocked smoky eyes with a tar black lipstick. Most of her clients came from her advertising, but, every once in a while, one of Rose’s guys wanted to play. Rose wore an all red leather suit, her trademark color, that looked more like she could be someone’s fantasy for the night. Her red curls were wild around her heart-shaped face.

“Good to see you made it,” Sin said to Rose with a smile.

“You know I would. Not all pleasure tonight though,” Rose added.

“Oh? What’s up?” Sin asked, eyes scanning the crowd for any problems.

“Your office?” Rose returned, already turning around and heading to the back of the club. Rose nodded to some of her guys, six of the big boys at that, as she passed the bar they waited at for drinks. They enjoyed the show, and Rose liked bringing them in for a private party every once in a while. Their dancers were always paid handsomely, and Sin had a feeling it was in more ways than one. Sin would have to ask to watch one time.

Sin hurried to lead Rose into her area, unlocking her back door and then heading upstairs. The noise from the club dampened as they went higher, the noise cancelation Sin had installed had been for her as much for peace of mind as for her clients when they went to her dungeon. The private quarters housed Sin’s loft apartment, her office, and her dungeon, much farther back. Tobias, her guard, waved at her as she passed him to go into her office. That was his post, and it helped when she had clients. A former medic in the Marines, Tobias could handle himself, and anyone else for that matter, and was cool under pressure. Sin relied on him when she did her job, to make sure everyone stayed safe.

And if she could open her heart, he’d keep her safe too. She could see it in his vivid green eyes. But she couldn’t. They’d never stepped on that boundary, not once, but it sizzled between them whenever she looked at him. She could feel her body getting hot, even now as he tossed a mischievous smile her way. God the man was sex on a stick with his buzz cut brown hair and brawny shape. He was as big as a linebacker but quick enough to blitz attack. She craved his touch more than she could admit. It didn’t help that he was covered in tattoos and rode a mean Harley. Rough and dirty sex was all she saw when she looked at him. Just what she needed. She just didn’t need the attachment that came with it. But she didn’t trust anyone to have her back like him, so he stayed. She didn’t think she could make him go if she wanted to. She hurried to her office, not wanting his eyes on her any longer.

Once in her office, Rose sat on the couch against the wall as Sin sat at her desk before she spoke. “What can I do for you Rose?”

“I’ve got a client for you.”

“You know this isn’t how it goes. I have to talk to them, find out their needs, what they like, what they don’t. I have to know what they hope to get from our sessions, and gauge if it’s what I’ll provide,” Sin answered, already shaking her head.

“It’s one of my pack, Sin,” Rose said, closing her eyes with a sigh. Sin froze. It wasn’t often that Rose talked about her pack, or even called them that. Sin had gotten used to calling Rose’s pack her boys. It wasn’t actually correct, but it helped keep down confusion. When Rose had been in Elsia, she’d been known as Little Red. Her Fairy Godmother had thought, mistakenly, that Rose wanted her Big Bad Wolf gone, and put the lumberjack in the wolf’s way to get chopped to little doggy bag pieces. Rose? She’d been crushed. The wolf had been everything that Rose had ever wanted, and had changed her into a werewolf to live with him. He’d been hiding in the grandmother’s house to come visit Rose, not to kill her and her grandmother. Rose had taken over his pack and forced the Fairy to send them all where Sin had been sent, to the human world. Rose would do anything for her pack, anything. Even ask for Sin’s help.

“I’m listening,” Sin said then.

“Zuriah won’t yield,” Rose said after a minute.

“To you?”

“To anyone. He doesn’t want to be the alpha, and I don’t want him to either. We aren’t mates. But he won’t yield to my authority, or to any of the males. They can’t mount him without coming away bloody. He can’t mount them because they are dominant and can’t take being a bottom. He won’t take a mate, no one grabs his attention. He’s causing chaos in the pack order.”

Sin knew that Rose’s pack acted more like wolves in the wild. Males could mount males like they did a woman. It was about dominance and love at once. There was no sense of heterosexual versus homosexual. They simply were. Love was love, and it didn’t matter a stitch who they found it with. So Sin was sure that wasn’t the issue. He needed to be taught how to accept dominance, or he needed to learn that he was dominant and, perhaps, start his own pack if he wouldn’t take Rose.

“I’ll need to talk to him, Rose. Need to know where his head is. If I can do it, I will.”

“Your rate still 250 an hour?” Rose asked.

“Not for you.”

“I pay my way, Sin. Next shipment of top shelf is on me. How about that?” Sin knew a shipment of top shelf liquor to her establishment was big bucks, but she knew that Rose wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Fine, Rose. Get him to me, and I’ll take it from there.”

“Won’t have to wait that long. He’s here. Got time to talk now?”

“Doesn’t look like I have a choice,” Sin muttered as Rose closed her eyes again. The pack could speak with telepathy and Sin always felt her hair stand on end when Rose used it near her. After a moment Rose opened her eyes again.

“He’s heading back here. He can follow my scent.”

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Coffee Time Romance
Written by Lototy on 24th Jan 2016

Love is a dirty, four-lettered word that will never pass Sin’s lips again. Nor will she ever allow any man the power to destroy her. Every day it is a fight for Tobias to keep his feelings for Sin to himself. Zuriah’s entrance into their lives completely shocks Tobias, but better yet, it shakes Sin to her core. Fantasy Avenue is where Sin, as well as the other Fairy Godmother casualties, have come to try to put their lives back on track. Giving up control to Tobias and Zuriah is definitely not part of the plan. Their attentiveness and kindness are steadily eroding her walls, but Sin knows it can go no further. The skeletons in Sin’s closet are far too vocal and active for comfort. She wears her pain like a second skin, which means Tobias and Zuriah have their work cut out for them. Time and patience are integral in breaking down Sin’s barriers, which is something I feel could be more fully explored. There is a wonderful connection between Tobias and Zuriah, and it is only made better when Sin accepts the inevitable.

Ever wonder what happens after happily ever after
Written by Kathleen Rivest on 12th Oct 2015

Ever wonder what happens after happily ever after? Fairy Godmothers were the spawn of the devil, and Sin was perfectly happy leaving her broken marriage behind. Marriage to Prince Charming wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. She wanted love on her terms, with a man who didn’t think cheating was foreplay. Now she's having trouble keeping away from Tobias, her hunk of a bodyguard that protected her when she saw clients as Mistress Sin on Fantasy Avenue. Or staying away from Zuriah, a shifter bent on making them both his mates (Amazon blurb) Every little girl’s dream has always been to have the happily ever after Disney has created so many years ago, but has anyone ever thought about what happens once the door closes and life moves on? We’ve seen the popular television show ‘Once Upon a Time’ starring Snow White and Charming’s daughter, but what about the other princesses? Meet Sin – sexy as hell, owner of an exclusive club catering to make true every desire, owns a dungeon becoming Mistress Sin and is unable to submit to any person after having been through hell and back. After agreeing to help Zuriah submit to a stronger alpha than he is, Sin learns she must make a difficult decision and face her past in order to move on with her future. I loved the naughty princesses!! What more can I say? What true parent can ever deny the fact that they love sitting down with their child and watch the old Disney movie of their childhood to relive them and then wonder what kind of trouble they can get into behind closed curtains. LeTaisha Newton’s version simply does not disappoint and I’m simply dying to know if there are more in her repertoire that continues along this storyline since it is an entertaining, captivating and excellent read. Even though it is a short novella (roughly 50 pages), it does not feel rushed nor does it feel short. If you want to relive the clean version of your favorite princesses, sit down on your sofa, warm up some popcorn and sit back on your sofa, but if you want some nitty gritty and exciting version of your princesses, the LeTaisha version is, by far, the only way I’ve read so far, that has satisfied my needs and curiosity.

Written by Erzabet Bishop on 3rd Oct 2015

Sin's Pleasure is the happily ever after that should have happened after Cinder got stuck with a sadistic Prince Charming. I really enjoyed the author's smoking hot view into a fairy tale world gone wrong. Sexy. Sweet. Smoldering. Loved it and it kept me turning the pages long after the lights should have gone out. The two alpha males were drool worthy and oh so hot. Sin herself was a complex character dealing with the trauma of her past and waiting for the right two men to love her. I cried. It was great. Good shifter tropes for fans of shifter romance. Fairy tale awesome if you enjoy an adult twist on an old classic and oh the love scenes. Just make sure you have a fan and some ice water. Woo!

Sin's Pleasure is a tale of fantasy, pleasure, and delicious naughtiness!
Written by Jessica on 30th Sep 2015

Once upon a time there lived a princess named Cinderella... We all know the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming who slid the glass slipper on her foot. As girls we dreamed of finding our own Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet and yet...Did we really know the true story of Cinderella and Charming? LeTeisha Newton opens up a whole new world with her erotic fairy tales brought to life and these princesses didn't get the 'happily ever after' we wished for them as children. Prince Charming was a cheater who abused his power as a Dom and let Cinderella broken until she made a wish that she could leave Elsia behind for good. Transported to Fantasy Ave, Cinderella reinvented herself into Sin, a hot gothic lolita with a penchant for sexy lingerie and killer stilettos. She's also been known to crack the whip a time or two. While she's reinvented herself, one thing remains true: she cannot let a man close to her because of the pain that Charming caused. She will no longer allow herself to be in a submissive position. When Rose (Little Red Riding Hood) brings Zuriah, a wolf in her pack, to Sin for some guidance, Zuriah finds himself with two life mates: Sin and her bodyguard, Tobias. Now it's up to Zuriah and Tobias to show Sin that they can fix the damage Charming once did and that she no longer has to be broken. Sin's Pleasure is a tale of fantasy, pleasure, and delicious naughtiness as Newton sets out to reinvent fairy tales as we know them. Sin's Pleasure is the perfect blend of hot, spicy, and sexy. As you read this erotic tale of deliciousness, you are guaranteed to find yourself on the edge as you fantasize of playing the role of the sexy lolita darling, Sin, yourself. As far as characters go, Sin is so different from the Cinderella that readers have always known, but in a badass rebel girl way. Zuriah and Tobias are the perfect matches to tame Sin but also give her the freedom she needs. Newton's way with words lead readers to the brink as wild fantasies come to life before your eyes. While admittedly I have not delved too much into MMF romance, because hey, I can easily admit - I AM NOT A SHARER despite the third partner being male or female - I have been curious about the MMF pairing. While I would still rather be one on one with my partner, I find myself intrigued by the picture Newton paints. With the amount of passion and the lust radiating from this book, it's no wonder that all I want to do is rush out and buy a sexy Cinderella costume and role play with some lucky guy tonight.