Teacher Knows Best by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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Baine Rhyes has always prided himself on his self-discipline, but there is one person who breaks that discipline every time he sees her.

Not only is Maya McGowan his student, she is also fifteen years his junior. She is everything that innocence should be, and Baine knows that is what draws him to her most. She is gorgeous and intelligent, but there is a delicateness within her that Baine wants to explore.

When he finally gets the opportunity to have her, Baine knows that although he is breaking every rule to be with her, he can’t and won’t stop. There is also a fear inside of him that screams at him that one time just won’t be enough.

Be Warned: anal sex.



Just thinking of her had him so hard he could have drilled holes into steel. Baine Rhyes nursed yet another beer. He stared at the television screen, knowing that porn wasn’t going help him in the slightest. He set the beer bottle on the table and rubbed his cock through his jeans. He was achingly hard, but then again, he always was when he thought about Maya McGowan. Maybe he should have felt self-disgust at the thought of fucking his student, who was fifteen years his junior, but damn was she one fine piece of ass.

Everything about her screamed sex appeal, yet there was an underlining innocence that drove him absolutely fucking crazy. The women on the TV screen moaned as they impaled themselves on a double-ended dildo. He was hard, but not because he was watching two girls fuck each other. No, he was rock hard because all he could think about was bending Maya over his desk, ripping her skirt and panties off, and slamming his dick inside of her.

You sick fuck. He was supposed to be her mentor, not the man that wanted to do a plethora of disgustingly erotic things to her. He unzipped his pants and pulled his shaft out. Pre-cum dripped out of the tip, but he didn’t bother wiping it away. He didn’t need it for lubrication as he jacked off. Baine closed his eyes and rested his head on the back of the couch. This was becoming a nightly routine for him, and although he should have felt guilty, he didn’t.

He gripped his shaft tight and started stroking himself. It felt good, damn good. Thinking of her creamy skin, so pink and succulent, made his heart race. Of course he had never seen her naked, but that didn’t mean a damn thing. His imagination was pretty detailed and served its purpose.

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Very hot
Written by Anna Keraleigh on 14th Aug 2013

Now that was so freaking hot! I didn't have teacher like that...ever. lol.

The Long and Short of it Reviews
Written by LASR on 3rd Apr 2013

Baine Rhyes knew his attraction to Maya McGowan was wrong – she was his student and fifteen years his junior – but he couldn’t help himself, and she was twenty-one. Shy and innocent, her small smiles and soft tone inflamed Baine’s fantasies. Every night he went home and brought himself release with her firmly in mind. One afternoon she seeks him out for help, and what starts as an innocent bit of mentoring gives Baine the opportunity to finally see if he can turn the fantasy of Maya into sweet reality. This is a very hot piece of erotica. Graphic and intense it has a lot of build up from Baine’s point of view, plenty of fantasy and wishful thinking until he can finally make good on his dreams. While we don’t see Maya’s direct perspective, her willingness is clearly expressed – this is not an adult preying on a child or a darkly erotic tale of forced seduction. There was a little bit of repetition of words and quite a few inconsistencies (like her flesh was lightly tanned, then creamy white) but nothing jarring enough to pull me far out of the fantasy. Overall I found myself lost in the school-girl fantasy and Baine’s evident need for Maya was captivating. I greatly enjoyed the ending (a happy one) and found this a steamy, sexy read. I really liked this piece and would happily read more from this author.

You Gotta Read Reviews
Written by undefined on 12th Dec 2012

Told completely from his point of view, Teacher Knows Best is a man’s dream come true and a naughty girl’s fantasy. The plot, a “good girl” student who falls prey to the naughty teacher’s lustful seduction, may be ages old, but it never loses its entertainment value. The book is super short (it is a Romance on the Go), but it has a scorching hot sex scene. The only problem with these short stories is that I always want to know what happens next!