The Billionaire's Florist by Stacey Espino

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go ®

Karlee finally landed a job that could put her little floral business on the map. Luck has never been on her side, so she should have known it was too good to be true. When the groom starts hitting on her, her conscience won't let her keep the contract for the wedding of the year. She may be broke, but she still can't be bought.

Robert Black may have more money than he knows what to do with, but there's one thing he doesn't have—Karlee Jones. He's determined to prove to the young enterpreneur that he has more on his mind than a one-night stand. Before he can convince her of anything, he'll have to keep her from running.



“I’m sure everything will get sorted. You’ll help her, won’t you, Robert?”

“Of course. I’ll take very good care of her.” Why did he seem to look into her soul when he said those little words? His fiancée was standing right there.

Once Elizabeth had walked off, Robert came closer. He kept coming until she was forced to back up against the closed glass doors. Why was she being tested? The guy was a two-timing loser, yet he still had a unique magnetic pull.

“What’re you doing?” she managed to squeak out.

“Hush.” He reached out and tucked some of her unruly locks behind her ear. The touch sizzled right down to her marrow. “You can’t imagine how good it feels to have you here. I watched you setting up the displays at my last business conference. All I could focus on was you—the highlights in your hair, the way you moved, the curve of your ass. I knew I had to see you again. Knew I had to have you.”

What the hell? Was he for real? She swallowed the lump in her throat. “Didn’t your parents tell you that you can’t have everything you want? There are some things money can’t buy.”

“That’s a lie,” he said. “I wanted you, and you’re here.”

“Then I’m an unsuspecting victim. I came here to sell flowers, not my body.”

“You’re right. You’ll give me that for free.” He smiled, not allowing her any personal space. “Tell me there’s no spark between us, and don’t lie.”

She kept silent.

“Sounds like fate to me,” he said.

Of course she remembered Robert Black. How could she not? He’d starred in most of her bedtime fantasies ever since they’d first met. She wasn’t sure how she could forget. “It’s all a coincidence.”

“There are no coincidences in life, Ms. Jones. Fate isn’t so fickle.”

Fate? As in the two of them together? What game was he playing? Did he think she’d readily open her legs so he could have one last fling? Was she part of his last bachelor hurrah?

“Well, I don’t give myself away for free, and I can’t be bought, no matter how much I need this job.”

“The job is already yours, Ms. Jones. That’s not in question. And please don’t mistake me for a man who needs to take without permission.” He leaned in close enough that his subtle cologne tickled her senses. “And I can be very patient,” he whispered.

He abruptly pulled back, nodded once, and walked away from her, turning a corner and moving out of sight. She felt an odd sense of loss after he was gone. Had she wanted him to continue? You’re sick, Karlee. Sick, sick, sick.

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Enjoyable read.
Written by ENE on 14th Jan 2024

Desperate to save her business, Karlee has been hired as the florists of a lavish wedding, only to feel she is falling for whom she believes is the groom.

Rob & Karlee
Written by Nate on 14th Jan 2024

I enjoyed Robert and Karlee’s story. I thought it was an entertaining read. And am voluntarily leaving my review.

The Billionaire's Florist
Written by Amd2662 on 14th Jan 2024

Karlee/Robert. Florist/Billionaire. Younger woman/Older man. Wedding. Engaged? Surprise. One-night stand? Determined. Abandonment issues. Frustrated. Hurt. Attraction. Desire. Affection. Consensual. Acceptance. Wonderful characters and endearing story. Love. HEA. Entertaining. Easy to read

So cute, so steamy, but too short ?
Written by Miss Math on 14th Jan 2024

Barely squeaking by financially and working as a florist to pay off her useless degree, Karlee Jones has a wedding gig at a mansion. Unknown to her she was hired based on being seen by billionaire Robert Black. She mistakenly thought the gorgeous woman who greeted her upon arrival was his fiance…nope, it was his sister. The heat generated by his looking at her, made Karlee melt into a puddle of goo. It was instalust at first sight. They enjoyed each other on a hall table, then later in his bedroom. Feeling insecure with daddy issues, Karlee left thinking that he was a player and this was a one time deal. One month later, she found out she was mistaken…he needed a florist, full time. Adorable and steamy ❤️‍?

Written by bookfever52 on 14th Jan 2024

Robert and kaylee. Shes a florist and hes a billionaire. Shes doing the flowers at a wedding. Events leads her to see Robert as the groom and Elizabeth as the bride. She cant believe shes attracted to the groom and cant believe the groom is making a pass at her. Robert clears the misunderstanding and boy is he a possissive demanding erotic man. Loved this story.

The Billionaire’s Floristv
Written by Stacii on 14th Jan 2024

Karlee and Robert’s story has them meeting at an event and he wanted her. So she is hired to do a floral arrangement at his office so he can see if he early is infatuated. So now when his niece is getting married he has them using his house on the condition she be the florist. He flirts with her and she thinks he is the groom and starts to cancel the contract but when they finally get over the misunderstanding they will get what they both want

Robert & Karlee
Written by Annette J. on 14th Jan 2024

This is a romance that is short and steamy. Robert Black is a alpha billionaire and always gets what he wants and he wants Karlee Jones. Robert and a few of his friends were attending an event. As soon as he saw Kaylee he was attracted to her. Kaylee is a talented florist with a small floral shop. She needs to land a large job, so she can meet her financial reponsibilities. Robert wants to help her and he also wants her for himself. Kaylee does get the contract to do the wedding of Robert's niece. Kaylee does dislike Robert from the start when he is flirting with her, because she thinks he is going to be the groom. When she finds out the truth, Kaylee sees things differently. There is chemistry between them. Robert wants her to stay the night, so he has her truck towed away. What will happen now ?

Good Read
Written by OlgaG on 14th Jan 2024

Karlee has her dream job working as a florist. She meets Robert when she is hired to do flowers for his niece's wedding. Robert falls for her instantly and is ready to make her his but will he convince her that he wants forever?

Age-gap romance
Written by Nellabella on 14th Jan 2024

Hi I very much enjoyed reading … “The Billionaire’s Florist” by Stacey Espino… explicitly sexy between these two characters…

Super quick super steamy read-A+++v
Written by Andrea R on 14th Jan 2024

Author delivers a huge story in little book. Loved this read. The characters were sos enticing. I was rooting for hero especially when he realizes the heroine is skittish and this book delivered on all levels.

Cute and steamy
Written by LBing on 14th Jan 2024

This was a cute read that let Karlee know that Robert truly does get everything he wants ;P Robert has lots of money but he doesn't have love and knows Karlee is the gal for him. He starts by hiring her business for his niece's wedding in his get some quality time with her. And boy, was it hot quality time. Lol! These two had fab chemistry but some misunderstandings and self image issues try and get in the way. Thankfully, they can work everything out so they both get the HEA they deserve. Good fun!

4/5 bring them together...
Written by Anya Z. on 14th Jan 2024

? ARC Review ? The Billionaire's Florist by Stacey Espino is a super short 'n steamy read with some initial misdirection (the reader soon discovers the truth), minor real-life drama we could all relate to and some ✨️very satisfying✨️ sex. Robert is the billionaire that hires florist Karlee to work a wedding at his estate. Is he the groom? What will Karlee do with their sizzling attraction? You will have to read to find out!

So sweet!
Written by Kimmijane on 14th Jan 2024

This was a sweet short story about a guy who saw what he wanted and went after it. It was romantic and hit! You’ll love it!

The Billionaire's Florist
Written by Karen99 on 14th Jan 2024

Fast Paced Novella Karlee couldn’t believe the groom wanted her until she found out he wasn’t the groom to be and he wanted her! A hot sizzling read sure to make you feel warm inside!

Fantastic short read!
Written by supercutie_trina on 14th Jan 2024

The Billionaires Florist tells the story of Karlee and Robert. Karlee is a Florist with a small shop that has some financial problems, Robert is the Billionaire of course :) and when he meets Karlee at an event it is instant attraction. Where the story goes next leads to some fantastic spice and of course that wonderful happily ever after :)!!! It is fun and quick and you have to read it!

Written by KMH on 14th Jan 2024

I enjoyed this book. I liked how both characters met and how their relationship progressed. However, I would have liked a more happy ending as its kind of left open and I like a more happily ever after!

Short but steamy
Written by Hotrelle on 14th Jan 2024

A sexy story with florist Karlee, who gains the attentions of the older Robert whilst delivering floral wedding displays to his home. Short but steamy.

it was beautiful
Written by Nasra on 14th Jan 2024

it was simple and straight story, i like they both just went with their feelings no holding back, the misunderstanding was kinda cute really. i like how they didnt drag their misunderstanding, good read

Karlee and Robert
Written by hgrainger88 on 14th Jan 2024

My first book from this author. I enjoyed this short story. I couldn't stop reading it. Robert and Karlee so steamy. The get their HEA. A must read

A short and steamy romance where all is not as it seems
Written by EPM on 14th Jan 2024

Karlee is hired to provide flowers for a wedding and she needs this job to pay the rent. Robert, who hired her is hot, rich and starts hitting on her, despite the wedding, Karlee is attracted to him, but needs to resist due to the circumstances. I enjoyed this book, it was a super quick read, but still well written and steamy.

The Billionaire's Florist!
Written by Mary on 14th Jan 2024

This is a short and quick romance on the go. It is steamy, cute and fun. The story is about struggling florist Karlee and a billionaire surprise. She has been called in at the last minute to help with a florist. When she arrives at the venue she is surprised, her car is towed, she is seduced and a bit more. This is a fun story with a touch of drama, mistaken identity and one determined billionaire. I love the characters and their short story.

Written by ChrisL on 14th Jan 2024

This is a short lunch read. Karlee is trying to to stay ahead of her bills, when she lands a great job. Rogbert has wanted Karlee since she did a different job he seen her at. What will he do to get her? Can she resist him?

Good read
Written by Deanna S on 14th Jan 2024

Man sees girl, man loves girl, abd man fights for girl. This was a great story of Robert who wants Karlee and gets but not without a fight.

So So Good
Written by Jenny B on 14th Jan 2024

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. In this book we meet Karlee Jones & Robert Black. Karlee is in desperate need of this job for the black wedding. When she meets Robert though she is sure he is the groom and maybe the money isn't worth it for her. Robert wasn't looking for a woman but one look at Karlee at an event he knows he has to have her. When she tries to push him away he knows he will do anything to be with her. Will they find a HEA or will misunderstandings make that impossible? Amazing story by this author. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Karlee & Robert
Written by Shell R on 14th Jan 2024

This was a cute short story of a woman falling for a sexy billionaire name Robert. Karlee arrived at his mansion to complete a wedding florist order and she got an order of sexy Robert. The next morning she took off. Join the story to see if Robert can get his sexy Karlee back at the mansion. Enjoy ?

A flowerily Obsession
Written by thischickloves2read! on 14th Jan 2024

This book had me all in my feelings.... I absolutely adored them both and once it got going! I was so invested in them finally getting together, and when we finally got that first kiss?? SWOON! It was so perfect. I just want to know where can I find book boyfriend like this of my own????

Written by KiltLover on 14th Jan 2024

Not all things are as they seem. But I really enjoy this book and how it plays out. You will absolutely love these characters in route from them start to finish

His Flower Girl
Written by De'Anna on 14th Jan 2024

Fate throws together an entrepreneur and a billionaire taking over all controls ? in the best possible way. Robert sexy as all get out billionaire attends events for various reasons and the last event, he, his friends attended he noticed a very talented florist the moment he laid eyes on her he knew she was his. When he puts his mind to it, he usually gets what or who in this case he wants so finding out everything he can realizing she owns a little floral shop but unable to make her rental payments he intends to change that for her. Karlee is sweet loves working with flowers of any type can turn them into something beautiful but jobs, events are hard to come by when you aren’t known yet but believing in her work and when she is asked to do the arrangement for a billionaire’s nieces wedding which will put her on the map so to speak and pay her rent. Robert is so into her pulling every trick out of his pocket to get her, but she thought he was the fiancé instant dislike when he started hitting on her especially knowing he was getting married soon. Robert doesn’t let up he goes as far as getting her truck towed forcing her to spend the night but she informs she isn’t sleeping with him as the groom and to go find his fiancé (not exact words but the just of it) only to understand it was a total misunderstanding but does she allow him to explain the truth, will she accept the truth, the magnetic pull is there for the both of them but will she give in, and can they find happiness together?

Short Story
Written by Jeanne R on 14th Jan 2024

This is the first book I've read written by Stacey Espino; I can’t wait to read more of her books. She has written another good short story. The story is about Karlee & Robert; her floral shop gets the contract for the wedding of the year but when he starts hitting on her she decides she can’t keep the contract. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Swoon Romance
Written by Danee on 14th Jan 2024

We follow Karlee, who has not had an easy time in life and is desperately in need of a job, and Robert, who is rich and decides to help her. This was really enjoying how they interacted with each other and dealt with their desires. What is clear is that Robert is used to always getting what he wants, and that is Karlee. I'll leave it up to you to find out whether he will succeed. :)

Great novel
Written by Bobby's Dark Angel on 14th Jan 2024

I very much enjoyed reading this romance novel it is a very enjoyable novel to read I enjoyed reading this storyline it is a very well written novel

The Florist
Written by BrightJacks on 14th Jan 2024

Sweet romance almost ruined by a misunderstanding. I am happy to getting more stories from this author just in time for the holidays.

Delightful dirty romp
Written by Leeannwriter on 14th Jan 2024

The Billionaire's Florist is another delightful sexy romp from Stacey Espino but it's more. It's also a love story between a billionaire and a florist! Loved it from start to finish with Espino's tight prose and descriptions.

Forever his florist
Written by Redfaeryrose on 14th Jan 2024

The blurb says it all, but the story is too short to tresh out the story. Still, a hot and spicy scene finds its way into the story.

Short and Steamy
Written by ReaderforLife on 14th Jan 2024

Karlee is stunned when she is propositioned by the man she thinks is the groom. Robert soon sets her right, as he claims her for his own with a passionate dominance that makes her head spin.

Karlee and Robert
Written by SeahawkGirl on 14th Jan 2024

Karlee Jones is just starting her floral business when she is called to provide flowers for a wedding. Robert had noticed Karlee at a previous function and was insistent on hiring her for the wedding. Once she arrives things happen to make it necessary for her to spend the night with Robert. They enjoyed a spicy evening together but Karlee became scared about being hurt and left the following morning. This was a very quick read with a cute story line.

One night.
Written by Mylene on 14th Jan 2024

Karlee has unreal high expectations of a one night stand with Robert. Will Karlee let her in experience cost her her business? A easy read

Nice short romance
Written by Diana A on 14th Jan 2024

It was a sweet book with some drama. Karleen thinking that it was just a fling and rum away, but ay the end the love story came true.

The Billionaire's Florist
Written by Nicole A on 14th Jan 2024

The Billionaire's Florist is a short and quickie story with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. It's exquisitely written with extraordinary characters and fascinating storyline that captures the reader attention from the start and keeps you hooked and turning the pages until the end. A fast paced, quick read novella that past the time in a breeze. A billionaire romance, workplace romance, taboo story, opposite attracts story, forbidden romance, insta-love romance, lust-at-first-sight, forced proximity, boss-employee relationship, age gap trope story, May/December story, steamy romance, contemporary romance, short story, erotic romance, with lust, passion, daddy issues, manipulation, determination, power and control, steam, dominance, submission, power play, anger, angst, tension, emotions, misunderstandings, surprises, and love. Robert Black is an eligible and older billionaire man, who saw Entrepreneur Karlee Jones at an event that he and a few of his friends attended and he was immediately attracted to her. He knew that he had to have her and whatever Robert Black wanted he gets. Karlee is a very talented florist with a small shop that's a missed rental payment away from bankruptcy and closing. Robert is even more obsessed with her after she came to his job and did a floral arrangement for their office. He couldn't take his eyes off her ass and face and promised himself that if there's an event that requires flowers that he he would definitely hire her. Fast forward a couple months later his sister's daughter was getting married, and he told them that they can use his house under one condition only if Karlee Jones was the florist and it was non- negotiable. It couldn't come at a better time because Karlee is need of that big payment from that event. Robert had an ulterior motive. He wanted her to do his niece wedding but he also wanted to do her at the same time. When Karlee got the contract to do Elizabeth's daughter wedding she was over the moon because she knows a contract like this if she does it right that it could open so many doors for her little small shop and put her map with the other large floral shops. Additionally, she wouldn't have to be worried about her doors again because business would be booming just from this doing this one job. She was shocked when she got the about doing the job especially since the groom is a billionaire and wondered by he didn't choose one of the larger shop. She was even more surprised when he started to hit on her especially given fact that his bride to be was so nice. Robert is a dominant alpha male and would stop at anything to get Karlee even have her truck towed and tell her in no on certain terms that she was spending night. When she told him that she wasn't going to sleep with him because she was not for sale only the flowers. He informed that the job was hers but she will sleep with him. She was very attracted to panty-melting it was the of the fiancee. But once that confusion and misunderstanding was all clear he took her table then claimed her in bed for hours. However, because of her years daddy issues she allowed it to get in her way of happiness and made it into a mind-blowing one night stand when she refused to answer his phone calls, until he eventually had to go seek her out a man later because it was affecting his work. Even then she was still fighting it and self sabotaging her own happiness. She just didn't think she was good enough for a man like him even though she has fairytale of living in a house like his. He's handing it to her but she's rejecting it. He'll have to take baby steps with her convince her that what he's offering is legit to keep her from running. I received an advanced copy of this book via Booksprout and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

Written by Steacyn on 14th Jan 2024

This was a short romance read. Read in a few hours. A florist is hired to decorate for a wedding little did she know it was also a set up by the man who owns the house she is decorating with flowers. He lays claim to her and she runs. Read for your self to fins out what happens next

Good book
Written by Jamee h on 14th Jan 2024

This book was great. It Kept me entertained the whole time I would definitely recommend reading this.

A very steamy and spicy quick read
Written by Sarah ES on 14th Jan 2024

I highly recommend uncorking a bottle of wine to read with the steamy and spicy short story. It was fantastic from the get go, and I absolutely couldn’t put it down once I picked it up!! This is not a fairytale, but there is definitely a steamy and blissful HEA!!

A sweet read.
Written by Mary S on 14th Jan 2024

This was so sweet of a read. It was a short read but it was a sweet story. Robert and Karlee were wonderful together even as you don’t get much background of their story it was entertaining to read them.

Written by StephanieRife on 14th Jan 2024

I mean if I was gonna have a billionaire obsessed with me this is surely how I would want to do it! He falls way first and it’s all steamy lust from there…. I just need this is my life….

Fast moves!
Written by Laura S. on 14th Jan 2024

Wow, this story moves FAST! Or maybe just our hero has the fast moves! It seemed that out of nowhere, Robert Black wanted Karlee any way he could get her, and get her he did! However, she made him work for it! This is a rags to riches, love at first sight story; a quick read and great for just before bed for sweet dreams!

Robert and Karlee
Written by CarKar on 14th Jan 2024

Insta chemistry between floral shop owner, Karlee, and older billionaire, Robert. I liked their meeting. Could have used just a little bit more development between the two characters. Love fast paced steamy relationships overall. Well written.

Cute and steamy
Written by RhondaVB on 14th Jan 2024

This was a very quick read and as always, Stacey Espino brings the heat to the story. Karlee just wants a job and Robert has his sights set on her but when misunderstandings are cleared up, will they stay together for more than just one night?

Cute quick read
Written by Cin_Pell on 14th Jan 2024

Life is just a struggle for Karlee. If she can just get this job, then she’ll be fine. Confusion and misunderstandings are cleared up and bring along unmistakable desires. Robert has his mind made up and always gets what he wants. Karlee may have other plans instead. Cute and quick read that packs all the steamy passion expected from Stacey Espino! If only it were longer!!

Written by JustMe83 on 14th Jan 2024

This one was really good! Loved their chemistry and how he was a take charge kind of guy, I also liked that the miscommunication didn't last too long where you got frustrated. It lasted just the right amount of time to make it interesting and for me to wonder what is this guy up to?! lol

Written by Lynn on 14th Jan 2024

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. A really short read. Carly is hired as the florist for a billionaires wedding. She thinks it is Robert that is getting married but when he starts to hit on her she is shocked. He let's her off the hook and tells her it is his neices wedding. Being relieved she follows through with the flirting.

Steamy quick read
Written by Savannah1321 on 14th Jan 2024

I really enjoyed this. It was very short, which I’m not complaining. I’ve been looking for quick to the point stories. I loved how there wasn’t much push and pull. Robert was a full blown macho man. He sees what he wants and he takes it. Karlee was more of a realistic person. She was a little jaded and didn’t believe they could have anything more than a one night stand. I wish we could have seen more into their relationship, but it did work as is.