The Cougar's Timid Little Lynx by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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Sweet Water, 1

Love isn't supposed to make someone bleed, leave marks, or even make a person cry. But that was the only kind of “love” Alice Stratton knew. Wanting a new life, she takes her daughter, Joey, and moves to Sweet Water, a picturesque town that she hopes will erase her painful past.

Cougar shifter Luke Landon has given up on having a relationship after his ex-fiancée betrayed him. Now five years later he is living in Sweet Water and is the physician to more than half the town. He never thought he'd find his mate, but all it took was for his cougar to scent Alice, the timid little lynx shifter, and his whole life changed. But Alice is damaged, and has a child from another man. Can Luke heal his broken mate, be a father to a little girl who isn't his, and get past his own trust issues?



He let his eyes travel down the huge mounds of her breasts, and his mouth watered as he remembered the flavor of her flesh. She was round and curvy, and so very womanly. He continued a downward path, loving that she wasn’t skin and bones, but so very voluptuous that his fingers itched to grip onto her lush body. The dark, trimmed triangle of hair that covered her mound didn’t hide the fact she was wet and swollen, pink and ready to be filled by him. He wanted to taste her, to have her cream rushing down the back of his throat more than he wanted to take his next breath. Slipping his hands on her inner thighs, Luke gently opened her legs further, watching with unrestrained lust as her pussy parted for him in the most erotic of ways. Fuck, even the sound of her wet flesh and the concentrated scent of her was an aphrodisiac like no other. He slid his hands further inward until he framed her pussy, and then took his thumbs and pulled her labia further apart. He couldn’t wait another minute to have his mouth on her swollen, soaked flesh. He licked her from the opening of her body to her clit, and then sucked the bud into his mouth. He didn’t know if she realized it or not, but she writhed for him, lifting her hips against his mouth, and making little mewling noises in the back of her throat. Moving one of his fingers toward her pussy hole, he teased the opening for a second before slipping it inside. A gasp of pleasure left her, and he stopped to give her time to adjust. She murmured for him to keep going. There was no way in fucking hell he would have been able to stop, not when the scent and feel of his mate surrounded him.

“Come for me, Alice. Come all over my face.” She was so fucking receptive, so damn giving. He started slowly thrusting his finger in and out of her, loving that she was so soaking wet for him, so juicy and primed. When he sensed she was close to coming he pushed another finger into her, grunting at the tight fit, but not breaking the latch he had on her clit. Humming around the bundle of nerves was the last thing she needed to get off. She threw her head back, her neck arching, and cried out her orgasm. She came hard, her fluids slipping out of her, coating his fingers and sliding down his hand. Luke realized he was thrusting his hard cock against the couch, trying to relieve some of the ache that had settled in the root of his dick and in his balls.

“Luke. God, Luke.” She thrashed her head back and forth, and pulled at his hair. He loved the sting of pain she gave him, and would have gladly bled for her if it meant she always felt and looked this way. “Please, Luke.” She gasped out his name, and that was his undoing. Giving one more long, slow lick up her cleft, he kissed each inner thigh, placed his hands right beside her head, and looked down at her. His cock was a hard rod between them, resting right on her belly and leaving a wet smear in its wake. He was so far gone, and actually surprised he had as much control as he did. 

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Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Isis on 4th Jul 2014

The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx by Jenkia Snow is a wonderful paranormal romance. I really enjoy Jenika’s writing style and look forward to reading more of her books in the near future. The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx is Luke and Alice’s story. I found it endearing and very heart warming. The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx is the first book in her Sweet Water series. Alice thought she found love and she ended up paying for it. Her man would beat her and he would force her to do things she didn’t want to do. The only good thing to come out of her relationship with him was their daughter Joey. She was everything to her and she needed to get her out of a bad situation. When she attempts to leave him she pays the price for it. She doesn’t know what she is going to do. Not too long after that she receives the news that he has died in an accident. She seizes the opportunity to leave and move to Sweet Water. She likes it there and she is looking to settle in and have a good life. She isn’t looking for a man. The funny thing is love may have found her when she wasn’t looking for it. When Luke declares that she is his mate she can feel it too but she isn’t ready for another relationship. She shies away from him but she can’t seem to avoid him. She can feel the attraction between them just as much as he can but she isn’t sure that she can handle it. He daughter has taken a shine to him as well which complicates matters. Can she get over her past to accept what is right before her? Or will she turn away the best thing that has happened to her? Luke is the local doctor in Sweet Water. Everyone knows that he is good at what he does and they all know that he puts in long hours if needed. So when the new woman in town needs her daughter Joey to be seen he agrees just like he would for anybody else. Everything was normal until he realizes that she is his mate. He can tell it before he even enters the room. He can see that she can see it too but she just tries to avoid him and have him focus on Joey. He’s not sure how to approach her but he knows that he has to have her in his life, even if it is on her terms. He talks her and convinces her that he is willing to be her friend if that is all she can handle. It doesn’t take long before their attraction deepens and he agrees to take things slow with her. He loves Alice and her daughter Joey and he would do anything for the two of them. Now he just has to prove that to her and he will. Can he convince her that he won’t ever treat her the way her ex did? That she and her daughter are safe within his care? Or will he have to settle to be just her friend. The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx is a quick and enjoyable read. I enjoyed watching Luke and Alice’s relationship grow. I loved the relationship between Luke and Joey too. I felt that the way he was with her daughter was part of why he was able to win Alice over. I liked the give and take between Luke and Alice. I liked Alice because I felt she was a strong woman. She had been through hell but she managed to protect Joey from any of it. She made the best possible decisions for the two of them and she did her best to keep herself together for her. I liked Luke as well because he was a very understanding Cougar. He treated her with “kid gloves” until she was ready to accept the two of them for what they are. I liked that he genuinely cared about her and Joey and the people of Sweet Water. I liked a lot of the secondary characters as well. I would recommend The Cougar’s Timid Little Lynx to anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romance.

The Romance Studio
Written by undefined on 22nd Feb 2014

Alice Stratton had a hard life thanks to an abusive husband. When things seemed to be looking up, she meets Luke Landon. The attraction is instantaneous but she is scared of trusting her heart again. Luke is willing to take things slow and show her that he would never hurt her. Will she be able to let him into her heart? Or is she too scarred from her past experience to give him a chance? I liked this paranormal romance story. I liked Alice. Even though she had a horrendous past, she was still capable of feeling love and not just for her daughter. I loved that she was strong, and smart, and most importantly, she was a true survivor. Despite the abuse her crazy husband put her through, she was still able to protect her child as best as she could. I liked Luke too. He was protective, patient, and loving towards Alice and her daughter Joey. He never once faltered in his quest to make sure that the both of them would accept him in their lives. The love scenes between them are hot. This story contains very explicit love scenes and language.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 5th Feb 2014

I enjoyed this novella very much and look forward to seeing where Jenika Snow goes with her Sweet Water town and the variety of shifter and human residents. Thank you for such a fun read. Lynx Shifter Alice Stratton has lived her entire married life in fear of her human husband's ways. Finally she has everything planned out. Tonight she and her daughter Joey will escape while he is out for the night on business. Then he comes home and tells her she is expected to attend. Her plans are busted. Six months later Alice and Joey move to Sweet Water following the death of Alice's husband. He died in a car accident. Shortly after moving into town Joey becomes ill and Alice takes her to the doctor. Cougar shifter Luke Landon, first introduced in "A Fox Between The Bear's Sheets" (Wylde Bears Book 2), recognizes Alice as his mate the moment he steps into the exam room. After years with an abuser, Alice is not ready to trust any man. But Luke is willing to go slow and convince her they have a future. When a bad situation arises, Luke's instincts to protect Alice come out. Will Alice's past keep them from forming a future together? I have been waiting for Luke's story and am so glad Ms. Snow has finally let it be told. Having known people coming from abusive relationships I was surprised with the sensitivity and understanding Ms. Snow used to portray Alice and the situation she was in. Luke is an alpha male. Still he uses patience and understanding to alleviate Alice's fears as he cautiously courted his mate.

The Long and Short of It Reviews
Written by undefined on 26th Jan 2014

Alice was trapped in a relationship that was full of pain as the way to show love. Wanting to get out for her daughter but having trouble finding a way to escape, she’s seriously relieved when her abuser dies. It’s definitely fate since as soon as she settles in a new town she meets her fated mate in Dr. Luke Landon who’s a cougar shifter. I liked Alice, yes she stayed in a bad situation, but she did it to protect her daughter. Luke is the perfect hero for her, strong, protective and willing to take it slow so Alice can be comfortable. I also enjoyed how soft and gentle he is with Joey and includes her when spending time getting to know Alice. There is a different dynamic when dealing with both a single mom and a past filled with abuse and I really do think Ms. Snow did a good job giving both of those issues the time and attention they deserved. The story had lots of romance, friendship and the right amount of spice that I really enjoyed reading it. It’s a shifter story with fated mates but they don’t spend a lot of time in their animal forms, but there is a lot of animal instincts guiding actions. I recommend to fans of paranormal romance that like a hero and heroine that are set on healing each other and a cute child who just cements their bond.

Sexy read
Written by undefined on 10th Jan 2014

I loved the Wylde Bears series and was thrilled to hear there would be a spin-off series with family and friends. I was really hoping Luke would get a HEA. Luke and Alice are both a little broken, but not beyond repair. They are a perfect match, he is super patient with her and works hard to make her feel safe. They have a wonderful connection which makes for a sweet story of healing. There is a lot if story here, be prepared for it to get emotional as well. They both have pasts, Alice has suffered a great deal. The abuse is not overly detailed, so it should not cause any triggers, but other survivors may empathize more with her fears. The whole thing is very nicely handled and never glossed over. Great storytelling, it is more about the romance and two list souls coming together. The mixed narrative helps you get into each character's head. I loved Alice's POV, it helped in understanding her fears and what she felt. Luke's POV was wonderful for seeing his struggle with wanting to claim his mate and not wanting to scare her away. The steam is a long time coming, about 70% into the book, but once they start getting smexy, hold onto your panties!!! Yummy smexy time!! They do not skimp on the foreplay!!! Loads of detail and it is all deliciously wicked! I love the Epilogues in all of Ms Snow's books, they are great for getting the future update without spoilers of other books! I can not wait for the next book, we met Trace, the grumpy polar bear, briefly and I am sure he is going to be a favorite of mine!! I have a weakness for the bears!!

Glad to get Luke's story
Written by Angie on 25th Dec 2013

Luke was such a good guy and he deserved to find happiness. Alice had such a rough life for such a young girl. These two had some major obstacles to overcome. Luke was so patient with Alice and so nice to Joey. Luke and Alice were good for each other.