The Lightning Bearer by April Zyon

Heat Level 4
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Heroes of Olympus, 6

Pepper St. John has known abuse from the moment that she was born. Now she is on her own and determined to make a life for herself. She is getting a top-notch education, and she knows that life can only get better once school is over. But when she graduates and starts her drive out to her new job, everything changes—because the two men she fell in love with years earlier knock on her motel door one night during a torrential storm.

Lincoln Jamison and Thomas Gordon are the last of the Scions to be paired off, and to say that it is wearing on them is putting it lightly. But they both also hope that they can get over the feelings that they developed for Pepper St. John before they meet the master key the Fates have paired them with.

Their joy to realize it was Pepper destined for them all along is overwhelming, but their dangers do not let up just because they have found her. Hades and Hera are against them, and time is running out for them all.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, double penetration, sex toys



“Is she going to actually be able to find anything?” Mikhail asked Ares once the goddess was gone. “She’s right about us fucking the world up. It’s not going to make it any easier, will it?”

“No, it’s not, but she will find her. She’s relentless as you know,” Ares replied. “If the girl is truly descended from Zeus, there would be rain showers when she’s sad because she can’t control her power. She will also create thunder and lightning. Not much, of course, because the old man still has the thunderbolts, but there will still be some. Now, if it’s his daughter or granddaughter, that’s something else altogether. You see, the first two generations have the full power of the god that they descended from. I know how crazy that sounds, but that’s the truth of it.”

“Good,” Gareth nodded. He was looking at Lincoln and Thomas. Shifting closer to the god, he lowered his voice. “The sooner we find her, the better. How sure are you that it’s Zeus’s line the woman is from? I mean, you sounded damn sure, and your line of reasoning made sense to me, but are you really sure? I don’t know if they can hold out hope for one wild goose chase after another.”

“I’m absolutely positive that she’s of Zeus’s line. If Hera is as upset as Athena said, there’d only be one reason. She’s trying to stick it to the old man and failing. Seriously, the hate that your people have written about between the two of them is nothing compared to the truth. There is hate, and then there is holy-fucking-hell-watch-out-below sort of hate. That’s the hate that she has for him. She would do anything to make him hurt since she can’t outright kill him. She can’t do that because of the lightning bolts. Fucked up, I know, but there it is. Just like they can’t kill Apollo because of the sun or Artemis because of the moon. It’s all linked.”

“Yeah, I’m starting to get an idea of how pissy she is for the fucker. She’s a raving bitch, isn’t she?” Shaking his head, Gareth rubbed a hand over his face, and sighed. “So she’s keeping the woman shielded from you guys. What happens if we find her while the shield’s still in place?”

“You wouldn’t know she’s a key,” Ares said. “Until that bubble is gone you wouldn’t know her if she was standing in front of you. Shit, if you were touching her you wouldn’t know. Hera has always been fucking good at shielding. The best. Athena will be able to find a general idea of where the girl is, but we have to find a way through that shield. Honestly, I don’t fucking know how.”

It was Brooklyn who responded. “Thomas and Lincoln.” Everyone looked at her. “Love. Hate is something, but love is something more. Love is unstoppable. It will overpower everything that’s in the way. Trust me. Ask Aphrodite if you don’t believe me, but if Athena can find a general area, send them and they will know who it is. Their souls and hearts will tell them who she is, if they don’t already know.”

All the men in the kitchen nodded. “She’s right,” James said quietly. “Hera may be powerful, but that bond is something beyond her. In range it will reach out, and they’ll know. It’s like being hit by a bolt of lightning, no pun intended, guys. Right between the eyes, and you know. Deep inside, you just know.”

“Exactly. I knew that Antonio and Stefan were mine the moment that I met them. I love that connection that I share with them. I don’t know how the guys felt, but I’m telling you I knew when I first saw them that they were mine.”

“So essentially we are waiting for Athena to pick up the weather problems and then shipping Lincoln and Thomas her way?” Rachael asked.

“I’m going to go and help her. Once we have a location I’ll be back for you two,” Ares said. “I will get you there as fast as I can, and if we have to keep hopping locations, we’ll do it. For now, get your gear together, and be ready at a moment’s notice. I’d better get back and see what she’s come up with already. Everyone good here?”

They all nodded, except Thomas and Lincoln. Those two looked antsy, and a little lost. Not a good combination.

Brooklyn turned to Thomas and Lincoln. “With that all being done, what do you need for me to do so that we can have you guys ready?”

Lincoln shook his head as he got to his feet. “We’ll go grab our go-bags. That’s all we can do right now. At least we’ll be able to take full gear with us since we’ll be traveling god airlines.”

Mik pushed off the counter and nodded. “I’ll get some food on while you two see to that. Everyone make sure your bags are ready as well, in case support is required. Then we eat, and everyone gets some sleep. I know you don’t feel like it, but we do what we can in the moment. Kas, want to help?”

“Sure.” Kasper stood and walked to where Mik was standing. “I’m thinking that we should make something that can be stored, just in case.” Everyone was looking at Thomas and Lincoln, both of whom looked like they had been kicked. It wasn’t a good look on either of them.

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The Long and Short Reviews LASR
Written by Honeysuckle on 12th Jun 2018

The granddaughter of Zeus is all grown up and ready to take on the real world. Little does she know the queen of the gods has even bigger plans to send her straight to the underworld. The Master key will need will need her Scion warriors to keep her calm or the Earth realm may not survive. I love all things mythology and gobbled up the YA books of similar title. When I read the blurb for this much more adult take on the story, I knew I had to read it. Ms. Zyon has delivered a very clever take on the gods of Olympus and their mostly human descendants. Thomas and Lincoln are the last of the original Scion warriors to bond with their fated mate and they couldn’t be happier with who the Fates picked for them. I liked the explanation that the author gave for making them wait four years from the first time they met to recognize their connection. Pepper was a sassy and fun character to read about and loved seeing her reunite with Thomas and Lincoln. Those guys have hot and protective down to an art. The thing these three have about touching gave me goose bumps. The only issue I had with the whole story was the dialogue. I liked that there was lots of it. More show than tell but it didn’t always feel natural. I think “forced” would be too strong of an adjective to describe it but at times it was like the characters were reading from a script that had just been handed to them. As if they didn’t know how to put feeling into the words for them to sound more natural as conversation between three people who had very deep emotions towards each other. I think it was too formal. Unless they’re British nobility, regular people tend speak in contractions more than theses three did. Having said that, I couldn’t stop reading it. I was vested in the outcome from the moment Lincoln first touched Pepper and that was barely a touch. Everything after that was essentially foreplay to them cementing their bond and I knew that was going to be awesome because the author built the tension with looks and more touching and some very open conversation about what they all wanted. Almost too open for people who haven’t spoken in four years but it didn’t leave room for misunderstanding for sure. If the previous five books in the series are as good as this final installment, I know I’ll have to go back to the beginning. An interesting take on a story I thought I knew. Worth the read and easy to recommend.

Lightning Hot!
Written by Knotty Girl Sandie on 9th Mar 2018

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately that means book series. The Lightning Bearer is the last book in April Zyon’s incredible Heroes Of Olympus. Our final two heroes, Thomas and Lincoln, to find the master key. Pepper has had a rough time of it, from an abusive dad to nasty Hera. Little does Pepper know that she’s the final key that can open up the gates to let Hades free, and that is what Hera wants, so Hera continually tries to kill Pepper. Thomas and Lincoln follow the lightning and thunder to Zeus’s granddaughter. They have to protect her until they get to safety and then bond. A piece of cake right? Of course, this last book has plenty of adventure, romance, and great sex. It’s just a shame it all has to end, and I’ll sorely miss it!

I really enjoyed The Lightning Bearer by Ms
Written by Titania on 8th Mar 2018

Lincoln and Thomas are the last of their comrades to find their mate. Only problem....they still do not know who she is. I really enjoyed The Lightning Bearer by Ms. Zyon. Lincoln and Thomas were so calming even as the struggled beneath the surface. And knowing their mate needs them and being unable to find her does nothing but increase their struggle. But when they find her...I love their patience with her. Even though it is imperative to mate, they are willing to give her the time she needs. And I appreciate that Pepper needs the time. She has had a life that was hard to say the least. Trusting is not easy for her even though she knows the men fated to be hers. I love that Ms. Zyon allowed Pepper the time even as she threw twists and turns our way. This story is full of action, love and loyalty. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hated to see it end.

Loved it
Written by Natalie Kirkland on 28th Feb 2018

I loved this series sad to see it end but I know I can always reread them ... Loved it

Written by NOOOOOO!! Please gimme more stories!!! on 28th Feb 2018

Ok first off I did not want to read this one!!! Bet you're wondering why that is aren't you??? Because it's the LAST ONE!!!!!! I'm considering begging and pleading with the Publisher to see if we can get a spin off or something!! But enough complaining, here's my review.......... Pepper, I was so hoping she was the last key, I was sorely disappointed when more didn't happen for her earlier in the series. Then it hit me, duh, she isn't ready. Not mature enough and has had a horrible life, she needed to find herself before she was ready for a relationship. Enter Lincoln and Thomas, two men who have no intention of letting her go a second time. They are determined to give Pepper the family, loving and anything else she ever wants or needs. Can there be a winner in this battle or do the baddies have more up their sleeves then anyone knows? Will Pepper be able to trust in her men and her new family when evil comes knocking on her door?? I just know I have loved this series and am almost heartbroken it is over, seriously thinking of who I need to bug, stalk and beg for more!!!!

First of all I was SO happy that it was Pepper that was the final key ...
Written by Dawn on 26th Feb 2018

So I bought this book earlier when I found it on Amazon. I've read all five books and when Ms Zyon announced that this book would be out on the 26th I re-read the other books to be prepared for this one. I WASN'T! First of all I was SO happy that it was Pepper that was the final key for the final two men. I had really hoped that they would find their HEA with her but I had no idea how Ms. Zyon would make that happen. Secondly, I loved how Pepper grew into her own woman with her own ideas and thoughts and how she was a strong woman with her own will and didn't want someone to steamroll her into doing what they wanted simply because it was what they "should do". I like strong women that still can bend and Ms. Zyon is proving to be able to create those woman and I'm loving her for that. This series has had so many ups and downs that I've reading and keeping up with them. I hate to see this series go but I see where Ms. Zyon left it open for a spin off series, so maybe? Please?