The Mafia King's Siren by Beth D. Carter

Heat Level 3
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Death Riders MC, 3

She was sin on two legs, and he wanted to drown in her wickedness.

The moment Damon Barese lays his gaze on Zaylah Wence, he knew he’d move heaven and hell to have her. A beautiful siren singing in a sleezy jazz club owned by one of his enemies. She’s given to him as a peace offering, but the more time he spends with her, the more he wants to unravel all her secrets.

A hint of cruelty lay in his gaze.

Zaylah was trapped, a prisoner in a gilded cage as she sang every night for a man who holds her sister captive. She’s given to Damon, to learn his secrets, but if she crosses the mafia king no one would ever find her body. She walks a tightrope between the man she’s becoming enamored with and the man who controls her.

Could there ever be a happy ever after for the mafia king and his siren?


The piano started up a bluesy number and she came in a heartbeat later. Her voice was low, melodic. The slightly husky cadence shot straight through him like a dart. She sang about lost love and heartache. How her man betrayed her. Even though it was just a song, Damon had the overwhelming urge to tear out every man’s eye in the place so they wouldn’t be able to look at her. His reaction was primal and it made no fucking sense. In his world, beautiful women were a dime a dozen, and he’d lusted after many. But this was … something different. Something more than just lust.

The song ended and a smattering of applause broke his fixation. The woman seemed to not care for her audience. She stared straight ahead, not even blinking. Her singing was more robotic than passionate. She launched into the next song, and each note went straight through him. A thousand tiny caresses sliding over his skin. It wasn’t just the fact that she was alluring. Wasn’t just that she was sexy as hell. Something grabbed hold of him, and Damon decided then and there that he had to have her.

After her set ended, the spotlight went off, and the lighting came back up. She turned, and for a split-second their gazes locked. Eyes the color of honey-gold whiskey stared vacantly at him. No warmth. No life. An emotionless doll that ignored the catcalls for more. She turned away and left the stage, not even giving a wave or smile to the crowd. She didn’t give him a second glance.

“She’s a pretty one,” Massimo commented.

Her exit from the stage released him from her spell. Damon took a drink of the beer he’d almost forgotten about.

“She’s gorgeous,” he corrected. “I want her.”

“Consider it done.”


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Loving this Series!
Written by JennM73 on 31st Oct 2023

Another hot book from this author in this series! I loved the chemistry between these 2 characters and couldn't put this book down! If you are looking for a hot, darker read, 1 click this now!!!

Written by Koalajt on 31st Oct 2023


Puzzle pieces of a larger picture
Written by Beast's Beauty on 31st Oct 2023

I honestly could not see how this fit in with the Death Riders MC until I realized that Damon helped them and was owed a favor. Damon was mesmerized by Zaylah the moment he set eyes on her. However, Zaylah had other things to worry about. She went to Damon cause Patrick O'Shannon, her captor, told her to. But what Patrick didn't see coming is the lock Zaylah has on Damon with no trying from her. Zaylah has secrets, better yet one and she is determined to not get Damon's help. But oh she doesn't know Damon..not only is he the man of this newly acquired territory but he always get what he want and he wants Zaylah, even after she sabotaged, dodged and literally called him scum. Challenged dropped by Zaylah and completed by Damon Excellent character development, perfect connecting the MC to the Mafia along with introducing Massimo. Please give Massimo a story..cause he is everything. The moment he mentioned the dragon lady he had me!!!!

Really great read!
Written by Ash J on 31st Oct 2023

This book was very entertaining and pulled me in. I have enjoyed all the stories in this series and I was excited to read Damon's story after meeting him in 'Shadow Kissed'. This story was exciting, a little steamy, and had a really good storyline. Can't wait to read more from this author!

There really was a princess
Written by Kwallywoman on 4th Jul 2023

Aryanna has lived all her live under her father;s thumb. Little did she know that he had a plan to take everything away from her so that he could be the King. Remington didn’t know why he had to have a valet when he came to America. But he know that something isn’t right. He will figure it out. Good read

Exciting and dramatic read with danger and steam
Written by LBing on 4th Jul 2023

This was another exciting and dramatic read for the series and I loved Damon and Zaylah together. She sings at a dive because she's being blackmailed by a mob boss wannabe, Patrick. Damon, seeing her there when trying to open talks with Patrick, can't help his attraction. Patrick uses her to try and get dirt on Damon...except she fessed up this fact. Their connection was very strong, and while he knew she was it for him, it took some time for her to trust in him...and open her heart to him. I loved how he treated her like she was precious to him. This whole series has been unique and yet works together so well. I did miss the paranormal aspect of the first two books, but this one held it's own fabulously without it :D

Damon and Zaylah
Written by weaveswife on 4th Jul 2023

I was so excited for this! Beth did not disappoint. I had read the MC series and we left off with Alison, who Damon saved. I have been looking forward to Damon's book for months. I loved how smitten he was at first sight with Zaylah. Zaylah was the same but she fought and hid it much better than he did. They had amazing chemistry. I loved it all. The ending was perfect. And now I want Vivi's story. Lol

Damon and Zaylah
Written by Maleficent on 4th Jul 2023

Damon was only in the sleezy jazz club to do business with the Irish, he wanted to make there was no more trouble from them. When she, Zaylah, takes the stage, it was the start of his obsession. She is given to him as a peace offering but he does not just take what he wants, she needs to be on the same page as him. Zaylah is forced to sing at that awful club for that even worse man, if she does not her sister will take her place. When he sends he to Damon, there is no way she can cross him and make it out alive. There is more to him then his reputation. Will she be able to find her sister and not cross Damon?

Great MC
Written by Danee on 4th Jul 2023

Unfortunately, we have already reached the end of the Death Riders MC series, this is the third book. This is the story of Damon and Zaylah and they keep you glued to your book from the start. This is a great mafia story.

??? Damon and Zaylah ???
Written by DebinOkla on 4th Jul 2023

??? Damon and Zaylah ??? this is an outstanding book and series! I have really enjoyed reading these books. Beth D. Carter is a relatively new author to me but she is a great author! I loved this love story. This series is a must read series and Beth Carter's books should be on your TBR list!???

The Mafia King's Siren Book 3 of Death Riders MC by Beth D. Carter
Written by TracyaH1976 on 4th Jul 2023

The Mafia King's Siren Book 3 of Death Riders MC Beth D. Carter The story and characters, Damon and Zaylah, were well written and nicely developed. I enjoyed the chemistry, drama and journey. Great read.

Easy to read
Written by Hotrelle on 4th Jul 2023

The relationship Massimo has with Damon and Zaylah makes this book enjoyable to read due to the sarcastic banter they share. Zaylah is a strong woman, not afraid to speak her mind or try to fix her own problems, while Damon is a tough as nails Mafia boss with a softer side.

Quick read
Written by ObsessiveReader on 4th Jul 2023

At first I was a little confused on how this fit with the Death Riders MC series until I remembered that Damian was the mafia kingpin they went to to help defeat the previous kingpin. Damian is taking over the area of the Irish Mob that he gained control over from Allyson when she decided she wanted no part of it. He tries to play nice with the locals but Patrick O’Shannon isn’t having it. He plans to crush Damien and take over. He sees his opportunity in Damien’s interest in Zylah, his lounge singer. Zaylah is tired of being used but as long as Patrick has her sister, she has to do what she is told. She is distrustful of anyone associated with Patrick. The more Damien shows her what kind of man he he, the more she begins to trust him. He isn’t what she expected. Not too long of a story but great characters.

The Mafia King's Siren.
Written by Shiftybugger on 4th Jul 2023

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. Wow, this was an amazing book to read, the story was exhilarating and the characters were really captivating. This story was about Damon Barese, and Zaylah Wence, Damon is at Patrick O'Shannon night club talking business while Zaylah is threatened by Patrick to get as much information for him. Damon wants to know Zaylah for herself, she thinks he is like all the other men. Damon has her followed to see what she is hiding, over a few dates she has got angry with him because he is always nice to her even after she found out how ruthless, cruel and deadly he can be. Every time they touched accidentally he got zapped, he doesn't want to be without her. Can it last when she comes clean and tells her secret.

Love Mafia!!!
Written by Amy J on 4th Jul 2023

Loved reading The Mafia King’s Siren. This was actually a fast read for me. Zaylah and Damon’s story was action packed and super hot until the very end.

Written by Debs48 on 4th Jul 2023

She was a singer in a club where the dark men go he couldn’t take his eyes of her but she was owned and he was gonna find out why once she was handed over to him as payment her agenda only was finding and saving her sister but Damn falling for a guy along the way who had connections couldn’t hurt. Loved this story

Damon and Zaylah
Written by CarKar on 9th Jun 2023

Loved this instalove story overall. Damon was anti-hero charming. Loved that he was protecting Zaylah's soul. Loved Massimo and the other supporting characters (looking forward to hopefully reading about Vivi's story if it crossed over into the MC with Lincoln). The only problem I had with it all is that Zaylah was the only character to truly suffer! Even Kidnapped Vivi was spunky throughout and didn't even get hurt in any way. The eldest child always takes on the brunt of responsibility it seems. Sigh ... So glad that Zaylah got her HEA, including revenge on Patrick.

WOW--This book is AMAZING--Great addition in the series!
Written by Andrea R on 9th Jun 2023

I really couldn't put this book down. I really was hooked. The book was a fast read and really I had no desire to put it down. The previous books were great too so I was excited that the 3rd was great as well. MUST READ!

Written by BecM on 9th Jun 2023

We know of Damon from the previous book. His sarcasm & banter with Massimo is one for the books. Zaylah is a character you feel angry for & at the same time admire her strength. An engaging book definitely.

Mafia king and his siren
Written by Reensburger on 9th Jun 2023

A follow on from book 2 of the Death Riders MC this book is about Damon, the Mafia king that came to the aid of the Death Riders in the last book. Trying to expand into the O'Shannon neighbourhood puts him in a meeting with O'Shannon. A not so nice Irish Mafia head that happens to have taken the lovely Zaylah to pay off her brothers debt. Zaylah is not your typical held against her will heroine, she is feisty and stubborn and everything that fascinates Damon. Cue a hot, spicy and sweet romance where Zaylah needs to learn to trust her Mafia King whilst trying to save the one she holds most dear. Great book, well written and read in one sitting.

Written by Grinning Cat on 9th Jun 2023

MMC/FMC- Damon and Zaylah POV- 3rd person Genre- Mafia Romance (although this is part of an MC series, it has only the vaguest connection to the Death Riders MC) Heat- they do the things and name the parts using the P word and 2/3 C words Series- Y (and this book makes more sense if you’ve read book two) Cliffhanger? N HEA/HFN? Y Triggers- language, graphic violence, explicit erotic content Tropes- Mafia vs. Irish Mob, Enemies to Lovers What I liked- Zaylah was a strong character, as was Damon. I liked how they grew their relationship before becoming lovers. And I liked the friendship between Damon and Massimo. What I didn’t like- the story dragged a little, in parts. Verdict- entertaining Mafia Romance, good for an evening’s enjoyment, but I wouldn’t read it twice.

I nice little mafia story
Written by JudyCh on 9th Jun 2023

This was a nice little mafia story about a girl whose sister was taken and she has to do what is expected and ends up being it’s a mafia man who is smitten over here and this book the good over evil prevails, I wouldn’t say this was a rough mafia story but a pleasant one with a HEA.

Great story
Written by PHOENIX96 on 9th Jun 2023

Zaylah is working for a man who holds her siste captive. When Damon walks in to the club she he is instantly drawn to her but she doesnt tell him about her predicament, instead she tries to run, butbthere is no running from Damon. Well written steamy engaging fast paced and more

Night club singer
Written by AllyMcGarry52 on 9th Jun 2023

Zaylah is every bit the lounge room singer that she gives the impression of, however, it's her sullen looks and utter boredom that catches Damon's attention. from there he will stop at nothing to know her every secret and why she sings so beautifully but hates it too.

Damon and Zaylah
Written by brier on 9th Jun 2023

First read from Beth and I am looking forward to reading more! This Mafia book has a strong alpha role and a woman who he meets he needs to save, but doesn't want to serve the man due to being hurt in the past. Damon will move heaven and earth for Zaylah and Zaylah learns things are not always as they seem. I enjoyed the bantering between the characters and where the story went. There was violence and steam. Can't wait to read Beth's work again!