Their Weapons Maker by April Zyon

Heat Level 4
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Heroes of Olympus, 3

Rachael Dunfries isn’t ready to die. She'll fight tooth and nail to survive the gutless attack that put her in the hospital—even hire protection to keep her safe. Falling in love with the men looking after her was not part of the plan.

Discovering the threat won’t be an easy battle to win, but Dieter Adler-Faust and Wyatt Aragon are as ready as they can be. The fight that ensues isn't what they had planned. A new level of war has been declared. For the love of their woman, they’ll do whatever is necessary.

An attack too close to home has everyone scrambling. Rachael is in danger, Wyatt’s injured, and the battle lines are drawn. It’s a fight they can’t lose if they want to finally have a chance at a life together.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), spanking



“You do realize I was busy, right?” Ares’s growl echoed in the room made of white marble and gold. “I was kicking ass in a game. What’s so fucking important?”

“Your descendant.” Apollo stood before the well and looked into it. “She’s safe, for now, but she won’t be for long. She should be getting out of the hospital in a couple of days.”

“Hospital?” Ares’s chest tightened in fear as he rushed to Apollo’s side. “Why?” The anger from being summoned so abruptly during his game immediately evaporated when his brother told him his descendant was in the hospital. There the brothers stood one on each side of Rachael’s bed looking down at her.

“We were to meet for lunch, and when she didn’t show, I flashed to her apartment. I found her in a pool of blood and called an ambulance. She’d been shot. I assisted in repairing a bit of the damage, but you know our hands are tied on what we can and can’t do.”

“Fuck.” Ares carded his fingers through his hair angrily. “Who?”    

“Uncertain. She’s not exactly out of the public eye, so it could just be some idiot human trying to destroy her.”

Ares snorted. “She’s so much like her Great-Many-Times-Over Grandmother. Always determined to ensure that the masses have what they need no matter what it costs her.”

“That’s very much Rachael. She’s more than that, however, as you should know. She’s exceptionally brilliant with tactics.”

“Has the faction in charge of her protection been mobilized yet?”

“They have. I killed one of them because he was going to shoot an air bubble into Rach’s IV line to ensure she died when she went in for her last blood transfusion.”

“Fuck.” Ares looked over the pale young woman in the bed. “So, she did inherit that genetic trait?”

Apollo nodded.

The girl could cause widespread bloodshed by causing wounds that would fester and grow, a trait she’d inherited from Ares. But because she didn’t know how to use the ability, she only ended up hurting herself: she had anemia and required frequent blood transfusions.

“So aside from that, she’s okay?”

“She nearly died, and her soul had to be tugged back into her body, but she’s a fighter.” Apollo touched the girl’s cheek. “I’m worried because she’s seen the other side, but Hades has seen her and knows exactly who she is. I saw our uncle when I pulled her soul back from the fogs of death—we’re going to have issues. If it weren’t against the rules, I would say we need to take her to Olympus where we could guarantee her safety.”

“Not even Olympus is safe, brother. You know this as well as I do.” Ares sighed and ran his hand over his jaw. “When she’s released, I will take her to the farm. In the meantime, watch over and protect her? I will see about getting the Scions here in the interim to keep watch as well.”

“You’re certain they’ll be able to keep watch over her and keep her safe?”

Ares glared at Apollo. “I believe in them. You need to as well. They have kept your descendant safe, haven’t they?”            

“True. How is she?”

“Good. In love. I think her brother is ready to beat her lovers bloody, but she’s safe. She’s where she belongs. You should come and see her.”

“I can’t. Not yet. Let me ensure that Rach is safe and then I will.” Apollo looked down at Rachael and stroked her cheek again. “Your men need you—that team needs you. You’re going to create weapons for them to use in this war. Wake, sweet Rachael. Wake and come back to the land of the living.”

Ares bowed to his brother. “For all that you do, thank you.” He was gone in a flash.


Rachael heard herself flatline, the shrill sound of one long and seemingly never-ending tone. As she floated outside of her body, she watched the paramedics working on her. Rachael looked over her shoulder at the fog rolling toward her with a bright light in the center of it. She looked back to her body again.

Rubbing her bodiless hands over her arms, she shook her head and whispered, “Fight. Fight, damn you!” she demanded, even as the fog rolled around her ankles.

She felt the gentle touch of the past of the happiness and safety that she had at all times before any of the incidents had started. She felt the security the fog offered her, but she fought it off.

There it was.

The same shrill note.

She knew there was safety in the fog, but Rachael had never been one to go where it was safe. She reached out and latched onto her body with her soul as she was lifted and pushed into the back of an ambulance.

She watched with detached amazement as the man in the back of the ambulance with her seemed to move with the vehicle, keeping her body still even as the driver drove like a bat out of hell.

He was good, this man working on her. She had to admit to that.

She heard it again. Beat… A loud alarm… Beat… The same alarm…

“Fuck.” The man working on her stabbed her with a devilishly long needle, but as an ethereal soul floating free, she felt nothing.

Sensing a presence at her back, she looked over her shoulder and saw him: a massive and imposing man demanding she release him. He was wrong. Something about him was very wrong.

Suddenly there was something new, a bright light inside of the fog, sunshine in its purest form. It surrounded her and pulled her from the vicious shadow of a man as he screamed and raced toward her corporeal form.


Rachael was jerked back to reality when a jolt of electricity raced through her veins. She heard someone saying, “We have her back.”


When her eyes opened next, she saw her Uncle Adam standing above her.

“Water?” she croaked.

“Of course, ma petite.” He brought a straw to her lips. It was odd; for a moment, her Uncle Adam looked like he was emanating light as bright as sunshine on a rainy day. Very strange indeed. 

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The TBR Pile
Written by Bella Star on 6th Oct 2017

Getting shot hurts. No one knows this better than Rachel. She refuses to be a target so she hires Wyatt and Dieter. She never expects to fall for them or have to deal with an enemy so dangerous it may be the end of her. Thrilling suspense combined with paranormal and Greek mythology. Yeah, you cannot go wrong with that. Rachel is an amazing character! I instantly liked her. Wyatt and Dieter are sexy, muscular and totally making me drool. The suspense is twisted with paranormal elements, some humor and seriously hot sex. The world building is beautifully done without being too complicated. This series continues to reel me in and I am one happy fish if I get to read more about these sexy couples. ​ Their Weapons Maker should be at the top of your tbr pile!

Loved It!
Written by Persephone Reads on 26th Aug 2017

This isn't my first book by April Zyon, but it is my first time reading a book from the Heroes of Olympus series. I now have to buy the other books! This was so good! Exactly what I've come to expect when I read Ms. Zyon's books.

Good reading
Written by Robin Thistlewood on 26th Aug 2017

Racheal, Dieter and Wyatt are relations of gods. I usually don't read this kind of books. But I really enjoyed this book. Now I have to go buy the rest lol.Rachel got shot and that's how they all meet. And then the guys find they love her and she loves them.

Hot read with a bit of mythology!! Need more!
Written by Soledad Mailman on 26th Aug 2017

This was my first April Zyon book & it completely blew me away!! I love the chemistry between the characters & the story, I was not expecting it to mixed in with Greek mythology but it was such a good book. A little slow at the beginning but after that it gets better! I voluntarily received an ARC from the author.

Awesome book
Written by Rhonda on 26th Aug 2017

This is the 3 book in this series and each one gets better. Rachael, Dieter and Wyatt together just steam up the kindle. I love how the Greek Gods are all portrayed and how wrapped up the reader gets in this series!! I'm not going to give any spoilers but you really should get this book and read it!

Greek gods and yes please
Written by Kasey Reads Romance on 26th Aug 2017

This is the first book I've read in the Heroes of Olympus series. I usually start a series at the beginning, like most people, but I was given a chance to read the ARC for an honest's April Zyon I could not say no. I'm glad I didn't. (Don't worry I'm picking up books 1&2 to get caught up on this amazing world.) Their Weapons Maker is amazing. Beautifully written with complex characters and an interesting plot. I highly recommend this book. Seriously, Greek gods and triads.. you can't go wrong. Steamy, unique, and oh so good.

I could read these all day long!!
Written by Mobookworm on 26th Aug 2017

I have to say, this is an amazing world being built here. This is a very odd and unique family. And yes, I say family. What else do you call a group of people who love, respect, have each other's back but can joke, laugh and poke at each other? A family! This addition was the story of Rachael, Dieter and Wyatt.....who by the way are amazing. What with gaining the God of War as an in law and all, they just jumped in and took care of Rachael. The connection between these three is deep. The sexy scenes were hot and just right. I don't wanna ruin it for anyone....just gonna say read it,. The bad guys are getting more determined, the good guys are figuring more and more out. The story in each just keeps getting better and more comes to light. An amazing series I hope we get more of, I need to know what's gonna happen next!!!

Knotty Girl Reviews
Written by Sandie on 23rd Aug 2017

April Zyon has come out with some pretty amazing books with a paranormal and mythological flavor to them. This series, The Heroes of Olympus, has got to be one of my absolute favorites. If you have been following the series so far, (and yes, I skipped the second book. I’ll be heading right back to it.) The gods have assembled a team of soldiers, to find, protect and bond with, 6 keys, (women) that are descendants of the gods. One is the key to letting Hades out of Tartarus. Each woman has two men. This is one of those series where it would be better for me to really just say…OMG, you really need to read this series! It’s full of smart alek gods, mythological goodness, really, really hot warrior dudes who love and protect their women pretty much right from the get-go, and super smart women. Also, there’s a battle between good and evil here. Our trio in this book is Rachel, a brilliant weapons maker, Wyatt, and Dieter. Rachel has been shot by an unknown assailant, and it’s up to the team to find out who and why. You’ll absolutely love it, and you’ll definitely want more!

I loved this addition to Ms
Written by Titania on 16th Aug 2017

I received a copy of this story in return for an honest review. Rachel has come closer to dying than anyone would want. She knows one thing for sure....getting shot hurts. But it also leads to meeting Wyatt and Dieter. And as much as it pains her, she wouldn't change that for anything. Because Dieter and Wyatt are quickly becoming her heart. I loved this addition to Ms. Zyon's Heroes of Olympus series. She continues to add layers to this world that leave you anxiously awaiting for more... And I love the twist (at least for me) with Rachel's career. It was unexpected but I liked it. Rachel wasn't your typical female and I thoroughly enjoyed the change. And Dieter and Wyatt seemed to fit her. They were forced to slow down their courtship which allowed them to get to know Rachel even as the fought to protect her from an enemy they couldn't see, which makes fighting and protecting a bit hard. Ms. Zyon is building a world that is unique and enjoyable. I love the respect and love between not only Rachel and her men but also between the rest of the characters. They are family and it shows, which I love. This is a wonderful addition to this series and I can't wait to see where Ms. Zyon will take us next!

Well done, delicious read which left me starving for the next book
Written by Dawn on 16th Aug 2017

I loved this book. I spent my afternoon reading Ms. Zyon's latest installment to this intriguing and refreshing world and I am not sad at all, except for the fact that I have no idea when the next book is coming out! I dont know why she does this to us but she gives us this amazing read and then at the end there is this nugget that I now know ties into the next book in the series but wow, talk about a ride! Ms Zyon's take and so in on the Greek God's has me cheering for more, this installment I didn't see a big twist coming so well done! This author is well known to me for insta love and she does it well, even in this book where the heat wasn't as high as it is in some of her others it's still there and that's why she's one of the authors I love to read and buy. I know what I am getting, and she tells it in such interesting and fabulous ways. Again, brava!