To Love a Sentry by Rose Wulf

Heat Level 3
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Rochelle Bailey had been born into a technological world devoid of magic. She had never imagined anything different for herself, only pushed forward, slogging through tragedy after tragedy, waiting for her misery to end. Then she woke up, naked and confused, in an alternate world so full of magic she could practically taste it. Except she still had none.

Until the day she met him. Aric Vardanyan, the Sentry of Yafae … the very grown-up version of an anime protagonist she’d once watched on TV.

Aric volunteered to take Rochelle into his home and teach her how to control her magic. There was something about her that intrigued him and compelled him to take action in a way he wasn’t used to. So he trained her, he made her strong, and he did his best to resist his rapidly rising attraction to her in the process.

But the fragile balance of their relationship tipped forever when he received a secret assignment to investigate a rumor that could lead to war … and his true enemy took the opportunity to put their hands on Rochelle.

He was the kingdom’s most powerful sorcerer, and for her, he would throw it all away.



“Very good,” Aric said. “Take a break.”

Rochelle blinked open her eyes and let her magic fade. “I never visualized my presence in another location,” she said.

“First you need to be able to do what you just did, faster.” Aric extended one arm and pointed out, beyond her, toward the pool of water at the base of the accumulated waterfalls. “Do you see that rock in front of the largest waterfall?”

Rochelle easily spotted the boulder, which appeared to be at least mostly flat and possibly even polished, judging from the way it gleamed in the sunlight. It was large enough to sit on, cross-legged. “I do.”

“When you’re ready, that’s the spot you’ll aim for.”

She stared at the rock for a moment, and then it clicked. The elements she’d missed. She felt like an idiot. “Water and energy,” she said, turning a proud smile to him.

He matched her smile with a breath-stealing grin of his own. “Correct.” He stepped into her space again, curled a finger under her chin, and tugged her close until the subtle scent of him was all she could smell. “If you can successfully learn this spell, I might just have to reward you.”

Butterflies took flight in her belly at his quiet words. Her skin heated from his touch, and her body ached. Rochelle didn’t think she’d ever fought so hard not to lick her lips. He didn’t mean it that way, no matter how it sounded. “What sort of reward are you offering?” She kept her voice equally hushed but had little control over the heated tone it had taken.

His eyes flashed. “That will be entirely up to you this time, I think.”

Never in her life had she more wanted to throw herself at a man. She’d never understood the idea—not even enough to read a romance novel—until this moment. And he was only touching her chin. The question was, what would she ask for? A night of passion that she didn’t doubt for a moment he could deliver? Tempting. So tempting. However, there was something ultimately more pressing. No matter how much she would enjoy spending a night with him, her feelings ran deeper than that. What she wanted most was his forgiveness.

Rochelle smiled and scooped up his hand, removing it from her chin in order to press a kiss to the back of it without breaking eye-contact. “I’ll master the spell by the time you’re done with this invasion mission, and when we get home, I’ll ask for my reward.”

Aric curled his fingers around hers but didn’t pull her any closer, despite the flare of what looked like heat in his eyes. “I look forward to it.”

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Love Rochelle's journey
Written by Kaylapolk on 31st Oct 2023

ThIs book was written so well. The amount of detail is amazing. I love following Rochelle's journey with aric! She finds her magic and finds herself in this story. Amazing read I can't wait to see what she writes next!

Written by Arin B on 31st Oct 2023

I really enjoyed this book a lot it’s one I couldn’t put down easily the main characters are very interesting with ways of understanding each other like nobody else can! It’s kinda like enemies to lovers on and off throughout the book very twisted action packed and page turner to me! It’s a sci-fi, romance with magical secret powers for some that not all the others know about royal people too. Lots to explore enjoy the chapters are long but I believe it’s worth it plus suspenseful and so much more. There are hard things to look out for kidnapping is one for sure. I personally want this book turned into a movie if possible one day I’m so happy with it especially the ending I would love a book 2!

To Love a Sentry!
Written by Mary on 31st Oct 2023

This is such an interesting, intriguing and creative read where a women is transported into a world like an anime should used to watch. The story is a magical read about Rochelle and Aric, a sentry of Yafae. She appears in his world. When she meets him she is shocked to see him. He takes her into his home and start training her and ends up falling hard for her. Then his protective side comes out. I love these two characters and how their story develops. Such creativity in the writing and world building.

To Love a Sentry, great
Written by Babs on 31st Oct 2023

Rochelle Bailey gets pulled into an alternate world where she meets Aric Vardanyan, the Sentry of Yafae. The story is well written with a very good storyline that kept me turning pages. There is drama, danger, suspense, villains and romance. This steamy story is well worth reading. I received a copy of this book via Evernight and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Slow build
Written by RahiaLeight on 31st Oct 2023

Very detailed. A lot of work was put into the world building of this tale. There is a bit of fear-of-the-unknown, twists and unexpected turns, along with a strong desire to protect each other and earn the other's attentions. Overall, it was well-written and unexpected. I know plenty of people appreciate knowing every detail of the world surrounding the characters, but I did skim more of the book than I should admit because in several instances, it felt superfluous. At any rate, it was a fun read for a cozy weekend.

To love asentry
Written by P W on 31st Oct 2023

This was a fun read and a mystery why in one place no magic then another she has magic. CharActers were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry between them and how the story is told I recieved a free copy via Booksprout and I’m giving my review freely and honestly

Written by tburbr on 31st Oct 2023

The character work and story line were well written, making this an entertaining read. I look forward to my next adventure with Rose Wulf.

To Love a Sentry
Written by Kim W on 31st Oct 2023

To Love a Sentry by Rose Wulf is a good, and enjoyable steamy spicy warlock fantasy paranormal romance read. The story has a great entertaining world building interesting story line with many twists and turns. The characters are great, and they have great chemistry. This story is a very entertaining and supper fun read. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

To Love a Sentry
Written by KMS on 17th Aug 2023

Rochelle was a woman beaten down by life. She was miserable and always blamed all the bad things in her life on herself. Waking in a whole new world threw her off but she tries to make the best of it. When fantasy becomes reality she speechless but hold her composure. Aric is a powerful man with a magic uncontested. There is a danger moving about sinister enough to hurt people. Aric and Rochelle will have to walk a fine line to discover the truth.