Tuck's Wrath by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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The Brothers of Menace, 5

Jana Finley just wants to escape from her abusive ex and start over with her son. She never envisioned her new life involving a motorcycle club. Even with the sex, partying, and violence that surrounds the MC, one biker in particular fascinates her. 

From the moment Boston “Tuck” Oakley saw Jana he wanted her. When Jana is abducted right off club property something inside of him snaps. A beast emerges, thirsty for the blood of the one that took her. With vengeance running his blood cold, he will do whatever it takes to find her and kill anyone that stands in his way. 

But time is running out, so in order to find Jana, Tuck resorts to something that puts the club in danger. Because of that betrayal his patch and even his life are on the line. He must find some way to make it right with the MC, as well has convince Jana that being with him isn’t the absolute worst mistake she’ll ever make. 



He didn’t say anything, and this courage, this strength, rose up in her. Before he could say anything, she rose on her toes and pressed her lips to his. The feel of his beard along her cheeks sent a flash of heat through her, made her toes curl, her blood pump harder through her veins, and her erogenous zones tingle. Maybe she shouldn’t be feeling this kind of desire, this type of intense arousal after what had happened, but she was, and she welcomed it.

“Jana,” he groaned her name, placed his hands on her shoulders, and gently pushed her away. “I can’t do this, not when you’re hurt.” He sounded pained when he said that, and the way he looked at her lips, stared at her mouth as if he were hungry for more, told her that he was feeling this, too.

“But you want to.” She said it without question, not moving, just staring up at his strong, handsome face.

He groaned again, cupped her cheek so gently it could have made her cry again, and nodded slowly. “I really fucking want to—”

And that was all she wanted, no, needed to hear. She lifted on her toes again, pressed her lips to his, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She was being bold, so much bolder than she’d ever been in her life. But damn did it feel good and right.

He kissed her back, held onto her waist gently, so soft that she knew he was being mindful of her wounds, and pulled her closer to his body. The hardness of his muscles, the definition of them, sent a flash of heat through her. Beads of perspiration dotted the area between her breasts, and she moaned, needing so much more.

Opening her mouth and slipping her tongue along his, they both made this low noise. He kissed her back softly at first, but then harder, more demanding. A gasp left her when he started moving them backward. When the wall stopped her movements and she felt his erection press against her belly, she broke their kiss.

“I’m sorry,” he said almost breathlessly, his cock so big, so thick and hard as he pressed it into her. “I’m being a filthy fucking asshole right now, kissing you like you’re mine, making you feel my dick like this.” But he didn’t move back, just held her hips, kept his dick pressed to her belly, and stared down at her. “I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you, Jana, but I continued to stay away, be this big asshole because it’s who and what I am.”

She cupped his cheek, loving that his beard was soft against her palm. “I know who you are.” She lowered her hand down his face, over his neck, and stopped on the scar that she’d noticed the first time she saw him. “I know you’re a man that fights to survive, that fights so others can survive.” She spoke slowly, wanting him to hear everything she said, to hear the truth in them. “I know your life has been hard, and that you’ve done things that others consider bad, wrong, and immoral.”

“You have no idea, Jana.”

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The Romance Review
Written by Rachel's Willful Thoughts on 9th Nov 2015

Author Jenika Snow has created a strong series featuring The Brothers of Menace Motorcycle Club, but readers may get frustrated with the novella approach. TUCK'S WRATH, the fifth book in the series, features all of the down and dirty details that come with the MC world. This installment focuses on Jana, who has an abusive past. When she's kidnapped, Tuck makes it his mission to return her unharmed. Complete with plenty of sizzling hot action, TUCK'S WRATH fits well into the series. I would highly recommend reading it in sequence in order to get a feel for all of the action. Although it's fairly short, this installment accomplished the mission of setting the stage for future development. - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=18406#sthash.Uq7Tov7A.dpuf

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Debra Taylor on 26th Jun 2015

Amazing! Another wonderful story and one of my favorite books in this series. Tuck's Wrath is a fantastic addition to Brothers of Menace Series. You might say that the author took a different path with this one. The characters were wonderful, especially Tuck, who as it turned out, was a deeply troubled soul. He cares about Jana and Braden, but didn't believe himself worthy of them because of his chaotic past. So he held back from taking what he wanted until Jana got kidnapped by her crazy ex. Then Tuck has to re-visit his own past to rescue the woman who is his future. This book didn't have quite as much action but it definitely made up for that by pulling me in and making me care so much about the characters. It's an emotional story about taking a second chance even when you don't feel like you deserve one. Tuck had so many flaws and made mistakes and almost lost everything. Yet, he owned those same mistakes. What I loved most about this story was how honest Tuck and Jana were in their relationship. The characterization was spot on for this story. In addition there was an intriguing secondary storyline going on with Pierce. That one came as a total surprise and it sets up major fireworks for the next book. I can't wait! I felt this book was beautifully written and absolutely loved the happy ending for Tuck and Jana. I also liked how Jenika Snow opened something up and left in in play for the next book. This was another great read from an author that never disappoints and I am really looking forward to the next book.

As always, a good time for MC romance lovers.
Written by Valerie C on 3rd Jun 2015

I really enjoy Jenika's books and this was no exception. Her MC series have been an excellent blend of gritty and sexy without being too harsh. The sex scenes are always well done and very hot. I gave this book four stars as an average because I just couldn't connect with the heroine so she was a 3 for me. But Tuck was awesome so he got a 5. Hence the 4 rating. I understood the need to advance the storylines that were playing out on the background but I would've liked more interaction and getting to know each other time between the two main characters. Sometimes it felt like the story was going on around them and not with them, if that makes sense. It didn't detract from the overall book, but I think maybe making it a little longer and more in depth would've been beneficial. But overall, a good solid entry to the series. Can't wait for the next one. *Review copy provided by the author for an honest review. Thanks, Jenika!

Another Great
Written by Elaine on 3rd Jun 2015

Great story. Great characters love the continuing story line of the club members. Each of them is strong willed and adds to the story line.

Tucks Wrath
Written by Kindle Customer on 3rd Jun 2015

I love this series, the characters are great. I have read all 5 books and I can't wait for the next one

Badass to the extreme. ....LOVED IT
Written by Donna Briody Buccella on 3rd Jun 2015

OH. MY. GOD....I loved Tuck, dangerous, goes for what he wants, loyal, and sexy smoking HOT!!!!! Loved Jana and Tuck's story Love this series and can not wait for more. I'm never disappointed, you just keep me begging for more Fantastic

Delicious Read
Written by undefined on 27th May 2015

I really enjoyed Tuck's story, but the threads of the other stories (Rook and Bobbie, Pierce and Fallina) kind of took away from the book.

What an amazing read. Every woman should have and be loved ...
Written by Kelly Grant on 27th May 2015

What an amazing read. Every woman should have and be loved by a man as passionate and protective as Tuck.

Written by Mrs Kissmas on 27th May 2015

Well what can I say apart from Go TEAM TUCK!!! This story has had me waiting with baited breathe, will Tuck fall, will he deny his feelings for Jana, will it take him over half of the book to know what we all know that he belongs with Jana and Braden! It has had my nerves on edge I tell you! I am so pleased that we finally got to see Tuck with all his scruff, bearded inked up and muscular, man bun glory fall for the beautiful Jana. And when we say fall it is as in majorly fall ... like a tree .... you can hear the word TIMBER! being echoed around the clubhouse because this sexy, badass biker has finally realised what we all knew that his heart belongs to Jana, fully, totally, irrevocably. It was so beautiful to read, well not at first as their was some major trouble a foot when Jana was taken by her psycho ex, and then held captive and tortured so not exactly a disney moment ad everyone was worried as no body knew a thing ... which led Tuck to making a bit of a bad choice however, the joy of that downfall was seeing him go all dirty Harry on the Bad Guys I was so excited I cheered aloud! Then the man did a complete 180! After the situation was handled and his gun holstered and the club knew what was happening and where everybody stood once the dust settled, the difference in him as he took care of Jana, the tenderness, the compassion and also the passion and love making a.k.a. CLAIMING! between the two nearly set my kindle on fire it was so intense, and passionate and Hot and when I say hot I mean Scorching! Factor 50 sun screen is advised to be worn just to read it! I absolutely loved it and thought it was definitely worth the wait. Yet again this amazingly talented author has delivered and exceeded all expectations and also left us yet again with baited breath as we wait for the next instalment in this amazing series. This is definitely an author you should have on your automatic read list, she never fails to impress me. I really hope you enjoy this book as much as I did and I most certainly did! Happy Reading my darlings!

My heart melts for the big guy!!
Written by Teresa on 27th May 2015

As always, Tuck's Wrath is yet another great addition to the series " The Brothers of Menace MC ". My heart melts for Tuck and the way his emotions run freely toward Jana. Tuck has had a rough life and thinks Jana is the woman for him, but he thinks he does not deserve her. Jana is kidnapped and Tuck goes alpha on the situation. The love he shows with finding Jana would make any woman's heart melt. Tuck is mean as hell and rough on the outside but he has that special soft spot for Jana. There were no games played between the couple. They knew what they wanted and went for it. If you haven't started reading "The Brothers of Menace MC" series, you are missing out.

Written by E. Heisler on 27th May 2015

Single Mom Jana Finley thought she had no where to turn until she found herself being under the care of the Brothers of Menace MC. She worked and cleaned earning her keep while hiding from her abusive ex and staying under the radar. She did have one man though that she secretly watched, bearded member Tuck. Tuck had stayed his distance knowing his hard life was not something that he wanted Jana any part of. Although he wanted her, he wanted her to get the best that life could offer. When he finds out she has been kidnapped though, something breaks inside tuck. He is determined to find her and if she will have him be there everyday for the rest of his life. Gritty. Was completely entranced by Tuck he is a bearded hard man, but he is so wonderful when it comes to Jana. He puts her first, even betraying his club but he knows he would do it all again for her. Roller coaster ride of a read

A knight in a leather cut
Written by ChrisS on 27th May 2015

A knight in shining armor coming to the rescue on his white stallion. That’s the fairy tale all little girls are told and dream about. What they don’t tell you is sometimes the damsel has to help herself a little and that all knights don’t look alike. Some ride in on a motorcycle and wear leather. Jana, a single mother hiding out from her psychotic ex William, seeks the help of her friend Bobbie. Bobbie gets her a job and a place to stay in a biker clubhouse. Jana does what she needs to do, she keeps her head down and takes care of her son. Finding a man is not on the menu. He was there, watching her. She could feel him. Looking up she saw him. Tuck. The man that intrigued her but she shouldn’t want. She has enough trouble, adding a man into it didn’t work for her. He found her. Somehow her ex William found her so it’s time to run. Packing her things she prepares to pick up her son and leave. On her way out of the clubhouse she sees a glint of light then it all went black. Waking up in pain and hearing William’s voice she figures it’s all over. She will not give up her son’s location or Bobbie’s name no matter what. Just when she thinks it’s all over she hears him. The one man she wants, needs but never thought she would see again, Tuck. He rescues her and that will change both their lives. This is a must read. What will follow will rock the club.

Love it when a hard man falls!
Written by Jamey on 20th May 2015

Oh Tuck. Tuck, Tuck, Tuck. How I love to see a hard man fall. And fall is exactly what he did. He fell for the quiet Jana before he knew what hit him. She was going to be his, she just didn't know it yet. A brutal past caught up to Jana, her ex had found her and took her from under the clubs protection. No one realizes it until Bobbie shows up with Janas little boy Braden in hysterics b/c she hasn't returned. Que Tuck losing his mind. Tired of waiting for the club to find a way to find Jana, Tuck takes matters into his own hands. Betrayal is afoot. Tuck seeks help from the seediest person he can think. A monster from his own fractured past. M. In exchange for intel on where to find his woman, Tuck gives M a club favor.....without club knowledge. Saving Jana and making her his is worth the reprecussions of the club, even if he finds himself stripped of his cut. Love will do that to a man. What a great book! Anyone who has been anticipating book 5 in this series wasn't let down. The characters are awesome, the sex is HOT & Jenika leaves you wanting a Tuck of your very own. OH! CAN'T WAIT for Pierce's story ohhhhh boy is he in for a fight.

Execellent must read
Written by Teresa on 20th May 2015

Oh all that is holy, this book was hot. But then every Jenika Snow book is. Love my MC books and she writes some of the best out there. Another great addition to the series. This time a relatively new character betrayed the club in an effort to save his woman. That's risking death or expulsion. Unless the club comes up with another option. Oh I can't wait for Pierce's story ohhhhh boy is he in for a fight.

Written by beks on 20th May 2015

First of all I want to say thank you for letting me review this book. This is my first time doing this so bear with me.....You did it again, I love this series.... Tuck's past makes him believe that he is not a happy ever after type and with all his Brothers find just that it makes him start to wonder. Jana is running from an abusive ex and she finds safety within the club. What happens when Jana goes missing! Well all hell breaks loose. Can Tuck overcome his past mistakes, and will the Club forgive him going rogue and putting everything they have at risk? I also, loved the side story about Pierce! Can't wait for it to come out.

Written by Mmlayer on 19th May 2015

Woohoo! This book is so freaking good and so can't wait for more!

Hot Hot Hot
Written by Patricia Comp on 19th May 2015

This series just keeps getting hotter. This author is at the top of her game and I for one cannot wait for the next book.

Holy Moly
Written by Amazon Customer on 19th May 2015

Another great addition to the series. This time a relatively new character betrayed the club in an effort to save his woman. That's risking death or expulsion. Unless the club comes up with another option. The author took a relatively new couple and made is care about them. I like that. I'm very excited to see what she is doing with Rook and Pierce. Pierce's storyline is the biggest surprise in this series so far. And Rook? God I love an alpha sadist!!!

Just shy of 5 stars.....
Written by Paige Turner on 19th May 2015

I really liked Tucks Wrath. I was immediately drawn into Tucks MC lifestyle and the Brothers of Menace. Tuck knew what he wanted and knew it was Jana. Despite not being a couple before her abduction he fights for her. I loved the take charge and Alpha nature of our main character. Jana was also a fighter. When she was being held she never gave up. She fought until the end. I was happy to see that Tuck and Jana didn't play with each other's emotions. After what Jana went through, Tuck wasn't letting her go. He was there for her and her son. While I did like this book, I thought it the beginning of the book contained a lot of action and drama then it plateaued. This wasn't a bad thing but I was looking for the same intensity throughout. Some story lines also seemed to fall through the cracks. I also liked meeting others in the club. I'm hoping for Pierce's story next! I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.