Witness Protection by Stacey Espino

Heat Level 4
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One man has vowed to protect her. 
The other won’t stop until she’s dead.

She’s been my full-time charge since she turned eighteen. Her father expects me to protect her and keep my hands to myself. I play my role until the day everything changes. Now I have to balance my loyalty to a dead empire and my own twisted desires.

Vasily Morenov killed everyone I cared about. All I want is revenge. I assassinated him with a single bullet, but it didn’t end there. I won’t have my peace until that motherfucker is wiped from history, and that includes his only heir.

My father owned the city. All I can remember now is blood. Hawk keeps me locked away for my own good. There’s a bounty on my head and an assassin determined to make me disappear. I only remember his hard blue eyes, but I know he’s coming for me. Even Hawk can’t hide me forever.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, double penetration



“As of right now, we’re a nice happy couple. No making eye contact with anyone. We just need to make it to my car in the sublevel. Understand?”

“And if I break the rules?”

He glared at her, the devil in his blue eyes. “Do you really want to test me?”

She kept quiet.

As soon as they were in the hall, she could taste freedom. Surely, he wouldn’t make a scene if she made a break for it in the busy lobby. He held her hand, a little too tightly, as they walked to the elevator.

This time she paid attention.

They were on the ninth floor.

The elevator opened with a chime and one businessman stood in the corner. Cayden squeezed her hand harder, making her cringe, and tugged her close to his side. She hadn’t realized how tall he was, so close in size to Hawk. If only Hawk was there now, her rock, he’d kill Cayden without a second thought and keep her safe.

She was tempted to meet eyes with the man from one of the mirrored panels. Would she be able to signal him? Would he even be able to protect her from a trained hitman? She’d probably just get him killed.

The elevator stopped on the third floor, and a tall woman with a red suitcase on wheels joined them. The clickety-clack of her luggage came to a rest as she settled near the far panel, facing them. Sophia was sure the woman could read her mind, hear her screaming for help even though her lips hadn’t moved. If only she could make eye contact…

Cayden must have sensed her thoughts, or felt the growing tension, because he reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her tight to his body. With his free hand, he cupped the back of her head and kissed her hard on the mouth. He had the faint taste of cigarettes and mint gum, but it was the brutal way he possessed her mouth that left her spineless in his arms.

The elevator kept dinging, but she didn’t care. Her eyes were closed, her mind a million miles away. When he finally pulled away from her, she was speechless and stunned. She turned around—the elevator was empty, and they were on the parking level.

There would be no chance to make a scene in the lobby.

He grabbed her hand. “Come on, let’s go. Almost there now.”

She touched her lips as they rushed through the lonely parking level. How could he not be affected by that kiss? What the hell was happening?

Her father had kept her locked up like Rapunzel in a tower, so she had no experience with men, even at twenty-four. She wasn’t good at reading people and had no street smarts or social skills. Her expertise was in university texts, painting, and the ins and outs of life in a fucked-up crime family. She was numb to killing, death, and weapons, but a simple kiss had managed to unravel her.

It was only her second kiss.

She licked her lips, trying to compare the gentle kiss from Hawk and the demanding one from Cayden. They were both perfect, leaving her raw and aching for more.

He pushed his fob, and a car dinged, the lights flashing briefly. Cayden opened the passenger door, moved some things off the seat, then motioned for her to sit. Were those bloodstains? He rummaged in the trunk before sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Where we going?” she asked.

Cayden didn’t answer her.

He started the engine and reversed out of the parking spot, paid at the exit, and then they were gone. Driving farther and farther away from the hotel, and Hawk, and everything she knew.


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Action, suspense, romance- this has it all and more!
Written by Amber K on 20th Dec 2022

I went into this book blind and I am glad for it- because this had it all. Action, adventure, suspense, angst, Witness Protection has so much to offer and keeps you engaged until the very end. Usually I am not a fan of the whole MFM storyline, but the author wrote this so well that it was not a huge part of the book. In fact, each MMC- Cayden and Hawk- really got their own time to have a separate storyline with Sophia before it all came together (without having spoilers, obviously that happens). Sophia is also a very well written character- sweet and innocent but also fierce for being sheltered in what was a mentally and sometimes physically abusive childhood. The book follows a fairly linear path after the death of her father at the very beginning but has a lot of great action with some pretty decent spice to make it a really great read for all types of romance readers. It's a standalone, so even though it's a pretty lengthy novel you're not committed to a long series. Five stars!

Sophia, Hawk and Cayden
Written by weaveswife on 1st Dec 2022

I really enjoyed this. I absolutely loved Cayden. The chemistry between him and Sophia was amazing. I liked Hawk too, just not quite as much as Cayden. But I really enjoyed the whole book.

Emotional rollercoaster
Written by xo2read on 1st Dec 2022

A new author for this fast paced, seat of your pants, emotional rollercoaster ride. The story follows Hawk and Sophia. She is a sheltered and naive mafia princess and like mafia princesses they are kept locked away and guarded twenty-four seven. Vasily is her father and the head of the family’s criminal dealings. Sophia’s mother has never been allowed to leave the house, her mother is dead and her father is a cold hearted miserable excuse for a parent. She’s desperate for someone to love her and all she get’s is to witness and put up with violence. Hawk is Sophia’s full-time protector. He’s loyal to Vasily, the man who raised him and was the only father figure in his life. Sophia is just a job. It’s not that he doesn’t notice or want her but despite his desires he’ll put duty above all else. Cayden is out for blood. Vasily destroyed everything dear to him and he murders him in his own house. Sophia saw everything, and Caden wants to kill her now for revenge. Hawk grabs her and takes her away before Cayden can kill her. Now, in close quarters, Hawk battles between his duty to protect Sophia and honor Vasily by keeping his distance.

Witness Protection
Written by Amber J on 1st Dec 2022

Sophie witnesses her father being killed and sees the man that did it. Before he can get her, he is chased away by others coming. Hawk worked for her father and takes her away to protect her. Cayden wants everyone associated with Sophie's father gone after what was done to the people he cared for. However, once he has Sophie his plans change. Will Sophie have to choose between the men? Will any of them being safe? This is a great story that will have you on the edge of your seat. This is a well written and very entertaining story. Its a book that any book lover would enjoy.

Witness Protection’
Written by Mary on 1st Dec 2022

The author does a great job in this thrilling read blending suspense and passion. The story is about Sophia, Hawk, who has vowed to protect her, and Cayden, who has vowed to kill anyone associated with Sophia's father, including her. Things change! It is interesting to see how Cayden goes from wanting to kill her to wanting to protect and cherish her. The characters and build between the three characters. This great with loads of sizzling hot chemistry. I love the plot development and growth between the characters.

So exciting and steamy!
Written by Ash J on 1st Dec 2022

I loved the story of Sophia, Cayden, and Hawk. It was exciting and violent from the very first chapter. It was both a friend's to lovers and an enemies to lovers romance and was super steamy. There were so many villians and surprises that I was constantly wondering what would happen next. Great read!

Written by Amd2662 on 1st Dec 2022

Russian mafia. Assassin. Revenge. Witness. Protection. Kidnapped. Rescued. Contract. Attraction. Reverse harem. FMM. Sophia/Hawk/Cayden. Orphans. Affection. Acceptance. Wonderful characters and exciting story! Entertaining. Fast paced. Action packed. Love. HEA. Fantastic read

Is a HEA possible between Hawk, Cayden & Sophia?
Written by Nicole P on 1st Dec 2022

This was a definite 5 star read for me. Hawk, Cayden & Sophia's story has romance on the darker side, suspense, crime, menage with a hitman included. What more could you ask for in a story? I highly recommend giving "Witness Protection" a read & enjoy the dynamic between Cayden, Hawk & Sophia.

Written by Flavia K on 1st Dec 2022

Good story, amazing characters. Hawk and Cayden will do whatever it takes to make Sophia happy. I really liked how the relationship between the three of them was forged, I didn't always share Sophia's decisions... And I think they contribute much more to the relationship than she does. Maybe the ending is a bit rushed... But it's a good read.

Great Book
Written by Jeanne R on 1st Dec 2022

This is the first book I've read written by Stacey Espino; I can’t wait to read more of her books. The story is about Sophia, Cayden & Hawk. Cayden won’t be satisfied until he kills her too; he already assassinated her father for revenge. Hawk has been her protecting her since she turned eighteen but they both know sooner or later Cayden will find them. I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

Witness Protection
Written by kdavis on 1st Dec 2022

Enjoyable story. Has an intriguing storyline with kept me reading till the very end. It has plenty of action, twists, alpha males, suspense, and hot chemistry. Loved everything about Hawk, Sophia and Cayden. Is she going to keep both men? Who will she chose? Recommend.

Witness Protection
Written by Krubel48 on 1st Dec 2022

Heart-pounding action and fiery sexual fantasies challenge the lives of three controversial individuals Hawke is Sophia's protector, and Cayden falls for the traps of his wicked life and the sweet, innocent appeal of the Russian princess. Espino uses the power of words and his writing skills to keep readers engaged until the last page! Big story!

Witness protection
Written by Tanya k on 1st Dec 2022

loved this story so much falling in love with to men on opposite side can she prove to them they can make this work make their love love this book is everything

Fast paced
Written by Book_Lover_97 on 1st Dec 2022

This is a fast paced mafia menage romance. Sofia, Hawke and Cayden have an interesting and steamy story. There are some darker elements along with danger, suspense and action. I liked the twists in this book.

Great story!!
Written by Wendy L on 1st Dec 2022

This is Hawk, Cayden, and Sophia’s story. When Sophia’s father is killed, she is a witness, and she ends up with a bounty on her head because of her father’s dealings. Hawk is going to protect Sophia by any means necessary. This is a slow burn, hate / love, enemies / lovers’ romance. This is a well written story which has vengeance, jealousy, witty banter, friendships, emotions, action, drama, angst, danger, suspense, mystery, twists, survival, and love, which leads to a steamy and entertaining riveting page turner. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

2 against 1
Written by Kwallywoman on 1st Dec 2022

1 woman who has been sheltered all her life (or so people think) and witnesses her father get murdered. The body guard and killer who are both after her, but for different reasons. Great story

Fast paced romance with suspense and twists
Written by LBing on 1st Dec 2022

This was a fast paced mafia romance that was full of action, drama, angst, chemistry, suspense and twists. Of course, there's smoking hot connection for our gal with two guys that start off on opposite sides of the fence - kill her vs protect her. The author did a fab job reconciling this issue and a steamy romance ensued ;P This was an entertaining story that was different than others I've read and I quite enjoyed the reading ride.

Great story
Written by Jamee hunter on 1st Dec 2022

This book has it all love, drama, suspense, and mystery. I’ve only read a few of Stacy’s books, but I would highly recommend them

Oh my this book is amazing!! Love this author so very much!!
Written by Andrea Reed on 24th Nov 2022

I was literally blown away by this book--I am a huge fan anyway of Stacey so getting to read this was a honor for sure!! If you are looking chemistry, suspense and drama this will tick all the boxes for sure!! Just the way the story unfolds and keeps you wanting more makes this is a must read!

Good Story with a lot of twists
Written by Rose j on 24th Nov 2022

I really liked this book. One woman with 2 men around her. However, those men are not on the same side, one trying to protect her, the other wanted to kill her( at least in the beginning). While I was reading the book I doubted the author will be able to convincingly pull the story out so they all end together but she did it perfectly. A lot of twists and some unpredictable turns but the final ending was really good. Recommended Read!

5+ Steamy Mafia MFM!!!!
Written by GingerLorMel on 24th Nov 2022

Sophia Morenov is a sheltered and naive mafia princess kept locked away and guarded twenty-four seven. Her father is the notorious Vasily Morenov, head of the family’s criminal enterprise. Sophia is stunted mentally and emotionally being raised without a mother, a cold and distant father, never being allowed to leave the house, and witnessing daily violence. All she’s ever wanted was love and connection. Hawk is entrusted by Vasily to be his daughter’s full-time protector. Hawk is loyal to the man who raised him and was the father figure in his life. Sophia was a job for him, despite his desires for more, and will always put duty above all else. Cayden is out for blood. Vasily destroyed everything dear to him and he murders him in his own house. Sophia witnesses the murder and is whisked away by Hawk before Cayden can kill her too. He can’t leave any witnesses behind. Hawk battles between his duty to protect Sophia and honor Vasily by keeping his distance and the fire burning desire he feels for her. His indecisiveness makes him sloppy and Cayden manages to abduct Sophia. The plan is simple — lock her away and quickly get rid of her. The problem? Cayden has long felt absolutely nothing for anyone and he never expected Sophia to restart his cold dead heart. Sophia is broken and damaged. It’s not a surprise she felt desire and affection toward Cayden despite him murdering her father. She understood that her father had taken everything from Cayden and he was only exacting vengeance. It made sense in her head that his punishment for his crimes were to lose his own life. She didn’t fault him for his actions. Hawk and Cayden are both hesitant to move forward in their relationship with Sophia. They see her as a fragile girl but underestimated her strength. It was sweet that they didn’t feel deserving of Sophia for their past transgressions, but there were a few times I wanted to shake them men so they would realize she knew exactly what she wanted. When they finally gave into their desires? Explosive. Magical. SO GOOD. I was worried Sophia wouldn’t get the happily-ever-after she wanted but was pleasantly surprised when it all worked out! Tropes: Mafia romance, captive romance, menage, MFM, age-gap, bad boys, virgin heroine Heat: 5/5

Written by Bookishllly on 24th Nov 2022

This is an emotional story of finding one’s self, vulnerability, love, strength, courage. I was hooked from the very first chapter. The intrigue, the suspense, the not-knowing-what will happen next will make you keep turning the page. Oh how I love the characters from the vulnerability of the h to the take charge stance of the Hs. This is a ménage in its finest form. This book takes you through various emotions as you go along and you can’t help but get into character as you feel the Hs and h’s emotions. This is a book highly recommended for the cold winter’s nights.

Written by 7bookie on 24th Nov 2022

A definite page-turner. One heroine and two alphas are made for each other. Cayden is out to kill Sophia but Hawk convinces him that there's a secretive plot to eliminate Sophia. Locks of action and heat. Good read.

Good Story with a lot of twists
Written by Rose j on 18th Nov 2022

I really liked this book. One woman with 2 men around her. However, those men are not on the same side, one trying to protect her, the other wanted to kill her( at least in the beginning). While I was reading the book I doubted the author will be able to pull the characters so they end with each other but she did it. A lot of twists and some unpredictable turns but the final ending was really good. Recommended

Mafia with a twist
Written by A. Adams on 18th Nov 2022

Sophia is a Russian mob princess. Her father has kept her locked away. Hawk has been her personal bodyguard. One night Sophia's father is killed right in front of her eyes. The killer, Cayden, sees Sophia before he gets away. Hawk knows Cayden won't leave a witness alive. Hawk will do anything to protect Sophia. Sophia is in love with Hawk but feels like Hawk is just babysitting her out of loyalty to her father. That isn't the reason she wants Hawk to be with her. Cayden kidnaps Sophia. Things get complicated. A bounty is put on Sophia and Cayden's head. At first Sophia hates Cayden and fights back. The more time she spends with Cayden Sophia falls for Cayden as well. Except neither man wants to give into Sophia. Hawk won't because of allegiance to her father. Cayden has had a very troubled past. Sophia's dream is to be with both men living in a small house on the ocean where she can paint. Can they all survive? Would these alpha men even consider a future where they would share Sophia? How can Sophia fall in love with the man who killed her? This isn't just your typical mafia romance. Personally I liked this one better. It's a little different for a

Is 3 a crowd?
Written by Laura S. on 18th Nov 2022

This story is an interesting take on enemies to lovers. Sophia witnessed her father's brutal murder, and her bodyguard, Hawk, takes her to where he believes she will be safe. Cayden murdered Sophia's father because her father murdered Cayden's close friends that he considered family. Cayden is determined to capture and kill Sophia, but when he does, he discovers there is a plot against her that he feels compelled to help Hawk eliminate. As the attraction grows between Sophia and the men; both want her, but who will she choose? Which man will be left out in the cold? Can enemies become lovers for life? Read on to find out!

Written by Amy Jones on 18th Nov 2022

I really enjoyed reading Witness Protection. Loved everything about Sophia, Hawk and Cayden and all the action that came with them.

Written by Debs48 on 18th Nov 2022

Wow full on who was her capture and saviour and then the roles switched and she wanted them both. Everyone was after her she couldn’t be left alive but both her protectors couldn’t leave her so worked together until all 3 of them realised they couldn’t be without each other

This was crazy good you get not one but two bad boys
Written by JudyCh on 18th Nov 2022

This story was so good you got two bad boys and each end up falling for her the one who was to protect her and the other one who was out to kill her because she witnessed him murder her dad but she fell in love with both men and on top of that others are out to kill her and now she has to be protected by both men and we get a great ending that works for all three of them.

Oh my this book is amazing!! Love this author so very much!!
Written by Andrea Reed on 18th Nov 2022

I was literally blown away by this book--I am a huge fan anyway of Stacey so getting to read this was a honor for sure!! If you are looking chemistry, suspense and drama this will tick all the boxes for sure!! Just the way the story unfolds and keeps you wanting more makes this is a must read!

Love a good story!
Written by Diana Acero on 18th Nov 2022

This was always keeping me guessing who Sophia will end with. Love how the complexity of the characters develop to this sweet complicated love story. Hoping that all will get a happy ending, but fighting for it. Good amount of action and love.

Mafia romance
Written by ChaosKay on 18th Nov 2022

When Sophia’s father is killed she witnesses it and she is kidnapped by his killer . Hawk her fathers enforcer is trying to find her as he presumes Cayden will kill her . However she’s not what Cayden expects and in the end he’s protecting her from the hits that have been put out on the both .When Sophia realises she loves both Hawk and Cayden she’s not sure what’s going to happen , can they both learn to share her as well as they protect her.

Intriguing and sexy!
Written by Lisa KP on 18th Nov 2022

I found this story really well done. The characters develop in a believable way and I got invested in their emotions. The plot kept me hanging on until I finished, a few unexpected twists that I found very entertaining. Overall, a good read, I would read others from this author.

Dark and intense
Written by Michele77 on 18th Nov 2022

Sophie has been protected her entire life, but has a lonely existence, until her life changed in an instance. Hawk tries to protect her but then Cayden enters her life. This story is dark with implied rape in the past, murder and torture but the story pulls you in and is non stop action.

Hot read!
Written by NikkiH on 13th Mar 2019

I loved this story! It has everything a 5 star book needs, action, alpha men, damsel in distress and bonus the heroine gets 2 men! Perfect!