Zero by Sam Crescent

Heat Level 4
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The Skulls, 6 

Zero’s foolish mistake could get them all killed.  

Ten years ago, Zero tortured a man for killing his friend. Then Zero set the building on fire, to kill the man and torch the evidence. When he left the burning building, he thought the man was dead—but he wasn’t. Now, Zero’s enemy is back, and the game of cat and mouse is about to start.  

Prue has loved Zero for a long time. He was her brother’s best friend, and he’s protected her through thick and thin. After she got shot by his enemy, he’s there to save her life. The ghost of his enemy lurks everywhere, hitting out when they least expect it.  

No one can stop him, and no one can save them.  

One by one, Zero’s friends fall, and he’s helpless to stop it. His enemy has all the control, and there’s nothing he can do. The only one he can trust is Prue. She’s been with him through everything, and now it’s time for them to take the man responsible for tearing their lives apart and put him in the ground.  

How much can Zero sacrifice before it’s too late?

Be Warned: anal sex, bondage, violence




“Hardy and Rose are known for showing off in front of everyone. They will do everything in front of an audience. His one rule is not to touch. Rose is his woman. If they touch, he’ll hurt them.”

She moaned, wriggling her ass against his cock.

He gripped her hips, hissing. “Be careful, baby. I’m holding on by a thread.”

“Are you wanting to fuck me, Zero?” she said, glancing over her shoulder up at him.

“You know I do.”

Prue turned around, sliding a finger down his chest until she cupped his cock. “I’m wet, Zero.”

Spinning her so her back was pressed to the wall, Zero gazed down into her eyes. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” he asked.

“I’m not drunk. I’m happy. I’m relaxed, and I can’t think of a single reason why we can’t fuck. It has been weeks, Zero, months.” She leaned in close, pressing kisses to his neck. He groaned as she bit down on the flesh of his neck. “It has been so long since I’ve felt a nice hard cock pounding inside me.”

“You don’t know what you’re doing,” he said.

He couldn’t get any more turned on. His cock was so fucking tight. Zero imagined the imprint of his zipper would be on his cock.

She grabbed his hand, bringing his fingers to her mouth. He watched her open her mouth and suck one then two fingers into her mouth, getting them nice and wet.

“What’s the matter, Zero? You never have a woman tell you what she wants?” she asked. 


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Written by undefined on 14th Oct 2015

This book is awesome. I loved it! Sam is one of my favorite authors.

Reviews @ TRS
Written by Shannon on 14th Jun 2015

A stupid mistake from his past bent on destruction, revenge and death is stalking Zero and the people he cares about and his past isn’t about to stop until everyone including himself is dead. Ten years ago, Zero tortured a man for killing his best friend and he set fire to the building to cover up any evidence. But the man isn’t dead and he has waited and plotted and now it’s a game of cat and mouse between Zero and his enemy. There doesn’t seem to be a time that Prue hasn’t loved Zero. He was her brother’s best friend, her champion and her protector through lives ups and downs. When she is shot as a warning to Zero just how vulnerable his friends and family are, he knows there is no way he is letting Prue out of his sight. One by one, his enemy is striking back taking down his friends and he can’t seem to stop him or can he. With the help of Prue the lovers will confront their enemy or die trying. Unbelievable! Riveting! Author Sam Crescent continues to amaze and delight readers with her edgy, sexy, dark and innovative stories that just seem to claim a part of their heart. As a loyal follower of Ms. Crescent I was a little apprehensive when the first book in her MC series, The Skulls came out. Romance and bikers; really how can she pull this off, I didn’t know what to expect. One thing was for sure; about a quarter of the way into Lash and I was hooked and ready for more! Each books seems to claim a little more of my heart and keeper shelf and Zero is not exception, although I was a little cautious about starting this book, I knew it was going to be an intense, on the edge of your seat, tear jerker and I was so right! It was really hard to see some of the people you have come to care about fall to danger and potential death under a madman. Ms. Crescent superbly keeps reader on the edge holding them breathless, waiting; try to anticipate page by page, scene by scene what is next for Zero, Prue and the Skulls. When Zero is forced to confront his past and the love he has always felt for Prue sparks fly and the reader is in for a treat. The growing bond between Zero and Prue is full of powerful emotions, sizzling sensuality and tenderness that will keep you engaged and intrigued. The sexual tension these two create is wicked, wild and consuming. And the sex between the lovers is smoking hot and should really come with a warning label! Zero and Prue are two people who are made for each other in every way imaginable. She can be tender, but she can also be fierce with a strong-willed determination to stand up and fight to protect her family and friends. Zero is a sexy, hot-headed, tough and strong-willed hero who will go to any lengths to protect his woman and his family. The high pitched game of cat and mouse between a crazy psycho and Zero is chilling, dark and dramatic with enough ruthlessness that you can’t help but hold your breath captivated. The climatic ending will have fans of this series cheering but will also have them wondering what’s next for the Skulls MC.

Sizzling Hot Books
Written by isis on 13th Dec 2014

Zero by Sam Crescent is the sixth installment in the Skulls series. I love this author and this series is one of my favorites by her. I have enjoyed all the books that I have read in this series so far and I plan on reading the rest of them too. Zero is Prue and Zero’s story. I found it to be interesting with characters you really care about. I found it to be a thrilling erotic romance. Prue has always has always harbored feelings for Zero. He has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. He was there for her and her brother. He had even avenged her brother’s death and that made her love him more. Now that she is older she knows she wants to be more than friends with him and she is going to make sure that he no longer viewed her as his best friend’s kid sister. When the man they thought was dead beings to harass them and the rest of the skulls she is afraid to lose him because he is hell bent on his brand of justice. He is out for blood and won’t stop until he gets it. Prue is afraid to lose him especially when they end up getting back up from another motorcycle club. Will she lose Zero before everything is over? Or will they be able to rid themselves of the nuisance and find solace in each other’s arms? Zero has also kept a watchful eye out for Prue his best friend’s little sister, especially after he was gone. He made sure the guy who killed his best friend had paid the price for it. He knew he would always look out for Prue, but he didn’t expect to start having feelings for her. She is no longer his best friend’s kid sister. She is fully grown and pretty damned irresistible. She drives him nuts. Just when they were looking forward to happily ever after their budding relationship is put to the test when the man he left for dead comes back with a vengeance. He starts messing with his friends to mess with him. His enemy goes a step to far when he messes with Prue. That is Zero’s last straw and the man is going to pay. Will he be able to keep Prue safe? Will he be able to tell her he loves her again? Will they get their happily ever after? Or will he lose her forever? I enjoyed Zero just as much as I enjoyed the other books that I have read in this series. I loved Prue’s character because she knew what she wanted and she was going to go for it. She was a good character that was enjoyable. I also liked Zero because he was a good guy. He looked after Prue like he knew his best friend would have wanted him to. I also liked the fact that there was a nice blend of drama, love, and sex none of them overpowered the rest of the story. I found Zero and Prue’s history sweet. They connected so well and I think that it wasn’t just because of the chemistry between them. I would recommend Zero to those who enjoys erotic romances that feature a tough and rough around the edges motorcycle alpha male.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by completedreviews on 6th Jul 2014

Sam Crescent outdid herself on this one! I’ve read every book in the Skulls series, and I’m fairly sure that I’ve said that a time or two before. But this one truly is the best one yet. I absolutely loved it! Zero finally gets his own woman in this book, just when a long buried mistake comes back to threaten the people close to him. I loved Prue! I couldn’t believe how much sass that girl had. She didn’t take crap from anybody. It was great to see her go at it with Tate and come out the winner. She fit right in with the club because she had strength, character and grit. She had love for Zero and that was what he needed. He had to let go of his feelings for Sophia first though. I was glad when he finally saw the light and owned up to his mistakes. It caused some conflict for most of the book. This book had a great plot with some good suspense. It had action, violence and blood, as nobody in the club was left untouched by a madman’s revenge. Of course, there were some scorching love scenes for Zero and Prue. This is a Sam Crescent book. It’s hard to find hotter sex scenes. If you’ve read her books then you know this is true. This one had a lot of conflict between the club members. Crescent has made her characters stronger in this book, with a few of them standing out and shining brighter this time around. This one was so easy to read. It had a story that flowed easily and much improved grammar. It also left off by putting something in play indicating that we haven’t seen the last of the Skulls MC. Cheers to that!!!

Written by Angie on 2nd Jun 2014

This was a really emotional book. There was so much suspense and drama. Tate was really annoying in this book, but the rest of the Skulls were really great to Prue. I am looking forward to reading Butch's story.

She Did It Again!
Written by Review Love on 24th May 2014

Sam Crescent never disappoints! This series keeps getting better and better! It has it all...drama, steamy sexy scenes, romance, and an alpha male! Keep up the good work Sam!