A Cowgirl's Pride by Lorraine Nelson

Heat Level 2
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Thunder Creek Ranch, 4

Leah Manning grew up among so many domineering, protective males that it left her frustrated, longing for a different life. Her family couldn't understand that she needed to dance. Unknowingly, she'd embroiled herself in a deadly game from which there seemed no way out. Now she was home. Would they welcome her back? What if trouble followed? Most importantly, did Cal still work the ranch?

Brian Calhoun, Cal to his friends, hated Leah when she'd left, but hated himself even more for not going after her. Now she was back and more lovely than ever. Would his adolescent love for her return, develop into something more, or die a slow death at the hands of this new Leah?

Trouble does follow Leah home, and her ex will stop at nothing—even murder—to silence her. Will the terror draw Leah and Cal closer together or drive them apart forever?



He was so hot for her! If he didn’t get these damned jeans off soon, his erection just might pop the zipper. That’s how hard he was for her—so stiff the skin stretched tight over his cock and it ached.

She suddenly pulled free and backed away from him. He almost swore out loud in frustration, thinking she’d changed her mind, but she’d only gone to close the vertical blinds at the windows.

“Just in case,” she said, smiling a come-hither smile as she turned back to him.

He felt guilty for his unjust thoughts, but closed the distance between them in a heartbeat, relieved to have her back in his arms.

“I’ve missed you, Cal,” she said as she ran her fingers through his thick, wavy hair.

“No more than I’ve missed you. I was beginning to think you’d never come home.”

“Oh, I wanted to, so much, but it just wasn’t possible.”

“You’re here now,” he said, grabbing the hem of her sweater and pulling it over her head to expose beautifully shaped breasts enclosed in see-through peach lace. “And I’m so glad you’re back.”

He bent to suckle her nipples through the lacy cups, her mindless purr of delight going straight to his groin. If he got any harder, he’d explode. Still, he took his time, banking his desire as best he could to give her pleasure.

Slipping his hands inside the waistband, he worked her blue jeans and sexy peach colored thong down over her hips, promptly falling to his knees at the sight of her curls. He leaned forward, reaching out to touch her satiny skin, smell her spicy vanilla scent and taste the creamy essence that was Leah. He wanted—needed—all of it—all of her.


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Her characters are well developed and easy to relate to
Written by Colfel on 2nd Jan 2018

Lorraine Nelson did it again! A Cowgirl's pride is the next book in the Thunder Creek Ranch series. Her characters are well developed and easy to relate to. The suspense in this book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I especially loved the support Leah received as she went through her trials. This is an exciting book that you will be glad you read.

Non-stop romantic suspense
Written by M. Faynard on 2nd Jan 2018

The tempo picks up even more in this fourth book in the Thunder Creek series. With this title, readers learn the mystery behind Leah Manning's recent reclusive habits. Leah dreads bringing more trouble to her brother, Luke, whose wife, Zakia, is only starting to recover from being stalked and kidnapped. The strain pushed Leah's father into having a heart attack. But now Leah is forced to turn to the only avenue left to her—family—when a slick Vancouver killer locks her into his sights. Author Lorraine Nelson continues to deliver her trademark mix of unforgettable characters, vibrant dialogue and romantic suspense, all wrapped up with just the right amount of humor and threaded through with the theme that families—and true love—are where the heart is. The glimpses of Canadian ranching life and modern-day cowboys are the icing on top of this sweet, sassy and suspenseful read. This series will make romance fans glad they discovered Lorraine Nelson.

love the series
Written by Julie Ramsey on 2nd Jan 2018

A Cowgirls Pride Leah, sister to Lucas has been away from home for a long time. The Manning family, has been through hell. With everything settling down from a kidnapping, murder and mayhem that has been ever present on the ranch, a nice break is what they need. Leah, comes home with a new set of issues all together. No one has known where she has been and they have all been upset with her because of the lack of communication. They don't know the hell she has been through in the past 5 yrs. First a witnesses to a gruesome murder, then forced into be a almost slave to the evil man himself, only to find herself pregnant and now on the run. She runs to the only place she knows to go, home to Thunder Creek Ranch. The 1st person she sees is Cal. Cal and Leah, together as teens, have been apart now for years. Leah trying to make it on her own and Cal wishing for her return. But will Cal be able to handle the life she has had to lead these years or the baby that grows with in already? And will Leah bring even more disaster to the ranch that she had called home for many years? Lorraine Nelson, you hit this one out of the park. I loved it! Talk about a page turner. Excitement, mystery, murder, love, heartache, even a lost loved one returned. What more can you ask for in a good story? Loved seeing Zakia and the family again and seeing the twins still causing mischief. Meeting Uncle Cam was unexpected but welcomed. Can't wait to see Michael or Cam's story. Would love to see how Sam and Blake fare. Hopefully Lorraine will send it to me for the site...would LOVE to follow the story! The series as a whole is excellent and I highly recommend! Complimentary book given for a free review. Come check out this review and more on juliesbookreview[...]

Should Be A Movie or TV Series! You WILL Love The Mannings!
Written by Silent Reader on 2nd Jan 2018

I am a firm believer in paying credit where credit is due and the talent of Lorraine Nelson deserves so much more credit than I could possibly explain. In her Thunder Creek Ranch Series, she has given us more than a story, more than a series...Lorraine has given us a family to fall in love with. And I have. As with her other installments of the Thunder Creek Ranch Series, A Cowgirl's Pride follows the journey of the Manning Family. Hardworking ranchers with hearts of gold and real-life situations in a fictional setting. Everytime I begin reading, Lorraine's characters pull me in and the story unfolds so easily it's like watching a movie. To be honest, Lorraine's Manning family could be the next hit television series. A Cowgirl's Pride follows the life and story of Leah Manning, daughter of Lucas Manning. Strong willed, beautiful, determined with a deep rooted devotion to her family, Leah has been hiding alot from her loved ones. Not because she's sick of her overbearing, overprotective male relatives but rather, she loves them enough to keep them safe. Revealing her secrets could get someone killed . Leah's pride prevents her from asking for help for too long. She soon realizes she has no other choice. She must surrender her pride and embrace the men in her life, allowing them to protect not only her but to protect another secret she is hiding. Sadly, there is no other option except to give this 5 STARS, but is so worthy of 10. A Cowgirl's Pride proves to be just as good as the other installments of the Thunder Creek Ranch Series. Full of complex family dynamics, a flowing plot, action, adventure, lies, secrets and scenes hot enough to burn your fingertips as you turn the pages. Though this is the last story available in the Thunder Creek Ranch Series, have no fear...Book 5: Cameron's Quest come out next month. Hold onto your hats, cowgirl's! Cameron will take you for a ride you won't soon forget!

Night Owl Reviews
Written by confusedagony on 6th Jul 2014

As A Cowgirl's Pride opens, the reader is thrown into Leah's life and the trouble she's in. We see it through her eyes as she witnesses a crime. I instantly sympathized with her and wanted to read the rest of her story. When Leah comes back home, her family takes her in with open arms. I enjoyed watching the interaction between this large cast of characters. They all loved each other. No one judged Leah for the choices she made. These characters were the heart of the story. A Cowgirl's Pride follows the life and story of Leah Manning, daughter of Lucas Manning. Leah is strong willed, beautiful and determined with a deep rooted devotion to her family. She has been hiding a lot from her loved ones. Not because she's sick of her overbearing and overprotective male relatives. But rather she loves them enough to keep them safe. Revealing her secrets could get someone killed. Leah's pride prevents her from asking for help for too long. She soon realizes she has no other choice. She must surrender her pride and embrace the men in her life, allowing them to protect not only her but to protect another secret she is hiding. I loved how the story opened up. It’s very rare that you get to witness something through a characters eye’s and feel their emotions. Leah has been through hell the past 5 years. She’s been away from her family but I feel it has only made her stronger. I love how it just shows that no matter what, your family will always be there for you.

TBR Pile Reviews
Written by undefined on 25th Apr 2012

This is the 4th installation in the Thunder Creek Ranch Series. Let me tell you this series made me fall in love with Cowboys all over again. Each can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading them in order to get the full effect of how talented Ms. Nelson is. It starts with Leah and finding out the man she thought she loved it a cold blooded murderer. The beginning certainly pulls the reader in. There were a few editing issues that popped up but nothing to take away from this entertaining story! What did take away was the cardboard dialogue between Luke (Leah’s brother) and her when she’s telling her story. She’s talking about rape, abuse, murder and she talks about it so impassive, not a tear and even giggles at one point when she goes for a cookie at the same time as Zakia (Sister in law). It does get more substantial and soon the story takes off. Car chases, secret kisses and that’s just the beginning. She did a great job writing the action although some parts, like the end of the action scenes, felt very rushed. Some scenes just didn’t add up such as the car explodes and Michael goes out to get help. She doesn't hunker down and prepare or hid she eats dinner. What?! After an explosion? Like I said some scenes just didn't add up. Now for the four star rating. Despite those issues it was still a very entertaining read. By the end I really loved the characters and was cheering for their happy ending. A Cowgirl's Pride is about the act of finding and capturing true love. Cowgirl's Pride is a strong four star read that I definitely recommend.