Zakia and the Cowboy by Lorraine Nelson

Heat Level 2
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Thunder Creek Ranch, 1

With a stalker following her every move Zakia has no choice but to flee the city. With her options limited she runs to the only place she's ever felt safe...the Thunder Creek Ranch and her ex-husband, Lucas.

Will he protect Zakia from the stalker? And if he does will either of them be able to ignore the feelings that have simmered for so long, ready to explode... before danger either draws them together or pulls them apart.



“Sorry, Darlin’. Always a cowboy,” he apologized.

He sat on the edge of the bed and struggled to remove his cowboy boots, then disposed of pants, briefs and socks. When he looked up and saw the still smooth, silky skin of her upper torso and full breasts partially covered by her beautiful, long, blonde hair, he had to ask himself how he got to be so lucky. Déjà vu was very much in existence as he admired the woman standing before him. Zakia was still every bit the exquisite, sexy woman she’d been on their wedding night, only now she was trying hard not to giggle.

“What’s so funny,” he asked with a grin as he reached for her.

“Just a little touch of déjà vu going on.”

“I was thinking the same thing. You’re just as beautiful now as you were on our wedding night,” he stated as he pulled her back into his arms.

“Well, I was thinking it funny that you said those exact same words on our wedding night.”

“What words?” he asked, curious and trying to think.

“Sorry, Darlin’. Always a cowboy.”

“Ooohh, those words. It’s true. A cowboy doesn’t go too far without his boots.”

“Did you mean it, Luke?”

“Mean what?”

“That you still think I’m beautiful.”

“Do I need to install mirrors on every wall in the house?” he teased. “Yes, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and sexily built. Now, shut up and kiss me.”

“Oh, I so like a man who knows what he wants,” she cooed.

When she reached for him, pulling him down for a kiss filled with all the passion he remembered, his heart soared. Gone was the polite restraint they’d held to since her arrival. He kissed her back, longing for more, aching for the promise her lips delivered.

His hands moved to her breasts, rubbing and tweaking the nipples to turgid peaks, then massaging the silken softness until she moaned against his mouth in pleasure. Breaking the kiss, he took one rosy nipple into his mouth, sucking and nipping lightly before transferring his attention to the other one.

He worked his way down her body, one kiss at a time, having to keep a tight rein on his control as she breathed his name over and over again. Her body writhed beneath him as he reached her sopping pussy, her unique scent driving him wild as always. He parted her lips and kissed her, rubbing tiny circles on her clit with his thumb. His other hand reached beneath her to fondle her ass as he began sucking her, his tongue laving and prodding her wetness until he could take no more. Rising up, he coaxed her legs apart with his knees and positioned himself. As he looked into her desire-glazed eyes, he moved, pushing into her with one hard thrust.

Then he stilled. It had been as tight as their first time. “Did I hurt you?”

“Uh, uh.” She shook her head as her body began to move, encouraging him to pull out and push into her warmth again.

She grabbed his hips, pulling him closer, deeper, and they fell into a rhythm that told of their familiarity with each other. It was as if he’d gone back in time, back to the days of love and laughter, caring and sharing their lives, completing each other. He thrust in and out, faster, harder, seeking the rapture he’d only found with the woman lying beneath him.

Thought took a long, slow ride after that as they concentrated on catching up on years of lost loving, and he was pleased to note, she still had that deep, husky, pleading note in her voice when she screamed his name.


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Julie's Book Review
Written by undefined on 9th Oct 2012

I was given Passion Creek and loved the aesthetics of the cover. The cover told me a lot. I understood going in that it was erotica, so, note to others, this book is for adult eyes only! It took me a few hours to read and was a lovely way to forget all my troubles. I’m not a huge fan of erotica so the sex was a touch much for me. But, I’m a big girl, I simply skipped some parts, very well written steamy as heck scenes (note, didn’t skip them all) LOL . The story was well told and the characters well written. I loved that she wrote a strong female lead and paired her with a hot handsome male who was also very vulnerable. The backstory of the treasure that was yet to be found kept it interesting. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. A good story that allowed me to enjoy the journey that Josie and Sam took me on! Thank you Avery for a great read!

Night Owl Reviews - TOP PICK REVIEW
Written by undefined on 4th Jul 2012

Zakia and The cowboy is a heartwarming story about young love gone wrong and second chances. Spending her days alone while the men worked on the ranch wasn't exactly what Zakia had in mind when she married Luke. Visions of snuggling in their rustic cabin all but vanished the minute they said their "I do's". A deep seated fear that she would never fit into Luke's life like a wife should seeps into Zakia's mind and takes hold. She felt he didn't love her, didn't want to spend time with her. So, she did what every young girl driven by emotion and imaginary rejection does....she left. Zakia sets out to start a new life on her own. Not long after she leaves, she realizes she is pregnant. She desperately hopes Luke will come after her and whisk her into his arms, shouting to the rooftops that she is his wife, she belongs with him, he loves her more than anything in the world. But he doesn't. She wants to call him, but she doesn't. Pride infects both of them and envelops their hearts with tangled webs of misconception. Luke feels rejected and abandoned. Zakia feels foolish forever thinking Luke loved her. Their stubbornness gets in the way of their love for each it often does for some of us in real life. Years later, Zakia begrudgingly realizes the only one she can run to in her time of need is her ex-husband Luke. A crazed stalker has her running back to the ranch and into Luke's arms. But will he accept her and help her? Or will he let his pride control him once more? Lorainne Nelson has created a story of love and hope. A love many of us can only hope to find. When faced with a second chance with your one true love, what would you do? Forgive them or forget them? Is it ever that simple? Here it isn't. Zakia and The Cowboy is everything a true love story should be. The characters are realistic and believable. The plot reads easy and has complete follow through. This story is written the way all true love stories should be written...It's heartfelt, moving and full of true emotion. If you like your women strong, your cowboys hot and your love stories full of action...this is the book for you. Be sure to check out the others in the Thunder Creek Series by Lorraine Nelson. This family has a lot going on and they are waiting to share it with you.

Book Babe Review
Written by undefined on 30th Apr 2012

"He gave her a leg up, their bodies brushing against each other, causing a heated friction that certainly wasn't due to the heat of the sun." Wow! I think that's my favorite line and just had to throw that out there. This is a romantic/western suspense. Zakia is a single mother with two twin boys who has a nasty stalker. She escapes to the only place she feels safe: her ex husband's ranch. Luke is a hot cowboy who gets a shock of his life when he discovers he has two twin sons. Once her and Zakia get over their awkwardness and in his case, anger, things start to heat up. It was obvious these two never shoulda been separated. Enter Blake and Sam. I loved Sam. She was my favorite character. I had a hard time liking Zakia at times. I just like my heroines tough; I like them to save themselves, not cry or go to sleep rather than walk on a sprained ankle. LOL. Though I hand to hand it to her when she got ahold of the duct tape and got creative. She redeemed herself then. And then there is Sam, my kinda woman. "I do not need your permission to go riding. No man tells me what to do." I understand this ex military chick with a fake hand is featured in book two. I cannot wait! Anyway, her and Blake (another hottie!) and a bunch of ranch hands mean to go on a cattle rustling expedition. The goal is to make the stalker show himself and at the same time, keep Zakia and her kids safe. Things backfire...and that's all I'm gonna say. You gotta read it for yourself to figure out what happens next. And one last favorite line of mine that I think you will all get a kick out of... "Bouncing over the fields with her on his lap must be hard on his hard-on." LOL!!! In case you're wondering, that was a tractor scene. :) Four stars. I def recommend it, and I obtained this book through Amazon's lending program. Thanks, mum, for the loan.

TBR Pile Reviews
Written by B. H. on 3rd Dec 2011

Zakia is running from a stalker. She flees for protection to her ex-husband with the surprise that she not only had his child but twins. Can they rekindle lost love or will the stalker end any hope of a good future? The beginning was hard to continue, it was telling and the story just starts. There’s the characters, there’s the scene with no gentle ease into the book. That said, KEEP READING! It gets so much better. The growing relationship between Lucas and his twins was beautiful. Then add the flames between him and Zakia, it makes for a dynamic read. I’m not a mother and usually kids in romance novels never end well but Ms. Nelson did a fantastic job incorporating them without smothering the steam. There was sweet and romantic. That hay scene was something special. There are small paragraphs from the stalkers POV and they really did not work as well as they could have. He/she should have had a lot more violent and malicious thoughts to be a convincing psychopath. Some scenes were redundant, such as why she left. I must have read Zakia explaining it at least three times. If they were trimmed it would have really added to the story. Back to the stalker, halfway through I knew who it was, but I’m usually ahead of the game in these kinds of thriller books. The ending could have been flesh out and a real explosion of intensity, this just fizzled out but it was still very satisfying. So why, do you ask, did it get 5 stars?! Well, it was sweet, romantic and truly entertaining. I really enjoyed the blooming relationship between the twins, Lucas and Zakia. If you have kids I have a feeling you’ll love this book. I don't have any and I still really loved this book. I can't wait to read the next in this series! Pick up your copy of Zakia and The Cowboy and prepare to swoon.

Happily Ever After Reviews
Written by Monica on 3rd Dec 2011

Once you start this book, you won’t want to put it down. It’s filled with passion, suspense, happiness and a sense of finally being a family. One will do anything in order to keep their family safe from a crazy madman. Zakia truly had a friend in which she could trust her life with. When she needed to flee her home Sam was there to help her with anything she needed. There was only one problem what if her ex-husband had a wife, children and would turn her away and not help her. When she left him she thought that he would come for her but he never went. She felt lonely in their home and felt that he did not want to share his ranch life with her. Then she wrote him a letter after she left to let him know what was happening with her but she never heard back. After time past she believed he did not care about her and the day came when she received the divorce papers. Even if that was a long time ago she knew that he could protect her but she knew once he found out about her secret he could make her leave but maybe he could care for the others and she would go back and face the stalker on her own. When Luke sees Zakia he thinks he is dreaming but when she speaks he knows that she has come back but for what she is the one that left. When he learns of her kept secret he is enraged but cannot let her leave so he tries hard and acts somewhat civil to her. After spending time with Zakia and the others he finally feels that he is whole. He admits to himself that he has never stopped loving Zakia and there was no way that he would let her leave when they found her stalker. Now as for the stalker he was smart, clever and not even her security system detected him. Then when he finds her at the ranch she is so frightened but she knows that Luke will keep her safe. Then he ends up entering Luke’s home and leaves her a nasty note on her mirror in her room. Anyone in there right mind would go into shock and that is what she did. But no matter what Luke was there to comfort her and tried to make her feel safe. But Luke knew that they needed to do the cattle run and hoped that once they were out in the open he would strike and mess up somewhere but wrong again. The stalker was able to capture Zakia and take her on a ride she would never forget, underground. When Zakia showed up at the ranch last one night it was time for the truth to finally come into light. It was a chance to start over and have a family if and only Luke could forgive her. This story tells of their journey in becoming a family and trying to leave everything in the past in the past. It was gripped with emotions as Luke comes face to face with the secret that was kept from him but he does not waste time in making memories with them. I felt so happy for them because you could tell that they still loved each other but it was going to take time for Luke to trust again. Zakia and the Cowboy is a joy to read and it will take you on a guessing game. I loved how their HEA ended because this time things will be different. I can’t wait to read Blake’s and Sam story next.

Cowboy love!
Written by Keraleigh on 12th Nov 2011

Fantastic and romantic, this book made me long for my own Cowboy. YeeHaw!