The First Time by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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The Virgin Auctions, 1

The year is 2135 and young women are bid upon at the Virgin Auctions, a city-wide event that allows wealthy men to purchase young brides for an exuberant price. They are trained to be the docile and submissive wives that will please their future husbands. Once they are bought, they are at the mercy of their owners

Veronica Dubois doesn't know what to expect when it is her time to be in the Virgin Auctions. When she is purchased by Kristoff St. Michaels, a man twice her size and age, Veronica fears her new husband is as cruel and heartless as the other wealthy men that come to the auctions. When Kistoff reveals a part of him that goes against every horror story she's heard, she has hope that maybe her life isn't over.



The year is 2135, and young women are bid upon at the Virgin Auctions, a city-wide event that allows wealthy men to purchase young brides for an exuberant price. These females are prepped from a tender age to be the docile and submissive wives that will please their future husbands. Once they are bought, they are at the mercy of their owners.

A chauffer dressed in livery opened the door for them and Master Kristoff ushered her inside. When he was seated beside her and the car pulled away from the curb, Veronica was struck with intense emotion. The money she earned tonight would go to her family. She would never be able to see them again, not unless her husband allowed her to. This was her life, one in which she was to always please her husband and obey his every wish. Tightness started growing in her chest at the very idea that the life she had known would never be anymore. She may have been watched constantly, always being prepared for this life, but she had been given a small amount of freedom. She had wandered her mother’s garden, smelled the red roses that climbed the trellis, had even watched the hummingbirds drink nectar on the deck. Would her husband allow her such freedom, or would he expect to be ready for his sexual appetites day and night?

She looked over at him through the tiny wisps of hair that fell across her eyes. She was shocked to see him watching her, the intensity in his gaze sending a chill up her spine. He was so large that his body barely fit in the small confines of the car. His long legs, stretched out in front of him and slightly spread, showed just how muscular he was. His suit jacket was draped over the seat across from them and she just now noticed his sleeves were rolled up his forearms. He appeared relaxed and in control. Was he always like this, or was he putting on a façade to put her at ease until they were behind closed doors?

All of her training came to her, and she licked her lips. She didn’t miss how his eyes dropped to watch the act. “I hope I do not disappoint you, Master Kristoff.” She averted her eyes and watched the passing scenery out the window.

“Look at me, Veronica.” His voice possessed a rough timbre that had her nipples tightening beneath the robe. When she looked back at him he was running his hand through his hair, disheveling the once immaculately styled locks. “Our servants call me Master Kristoff. You are my wife and will not. I am just Kristoff to you, alright?”

His tone had softened, and she felt warmth bloom inside of her. The fact that he wanted her to use his given name spoke a lot about the type of person he was. Even her mother, who had been a virgin at the auctions when she was twenty, called her father Master Eric. A lot of the men that bought a wife liked to be called such titles. They either derived pleasure from it or they liked the power that came with it. Either way she was married to a man that was already giving her freedom that most females in her situation didn’t have.

“Okay. I’d like that.” The small smile that graced his face made him seem a little less scary. He lifted a hand and Veronica held her breath as he ran his fingers through the tendrils of hair that had escaped her chignon. Those same fingers brushed her cheek and she couldn’t help how her heart raced from such a small, seemingly innocent touch.

“You were by the far the most beautiful woman at the auction.” His voice almost had a faraway quality to it as his eyes roamed over her face. “Come here, Veronica.”

The way he said her name made her think of sex. It was pitched low and rolled off his tongue, like he was savoring each letter. Adrenalin raced through her veins as she moved closer to him, so close that she could smell his cologne. It was a rich and heady combination that had her most intimate parts tingling. She had never been aroused, never been around anything that would have put her in such a state, but as she sat next to Kristoff she knew what she was feeling now was most certainly that: raw, intense arousal.

His hands on her shoulders turned her so her body was facing his. He was so much larger than her that she felt wholly feminine. She couldn’t help but compare his strong masculine body to her soft womanly figure. What would he look like without that suit on? Did he have just as many muscles as she thought he did? She could certainly see the defined groups of them every time he moved. There was no doubt in her mind that he was going to kiss her. His eyes kept dipping down to her mouth, lingering there longer and longer until slowly he started to lower his head. When his mouth was mere centimeters from hers, everything inside of her stilled. His warm breath, smelling slightly sweet, brushed along her lips and had her aching for him to kiss her.

“Veronica,” he said her name again, so soft and sensual that her eyes fluttered closed and she leaned forward that last bit of space that separated them and sealed her mouth with his. At the first touch he groaned and cupped her cheek. She had assumed he would be forceful, taking what he wanted because she was essentially his property, but the gentleness inside of him made her want him desperately. Never had she felt such intensity inside of her, such a longing to be with a man she had never met before, a man that had bought her and was now her husband.

His hands made their way to her waist and gripped her through the robe tightly. In the next instant he had her lifted and straddling his waist. She was nude under the robe and when her legs spread over his thighs and the material parted she felt the very hard, very big definition of his manhood against the tender folds of her pussy.

“Can you feel how much I want you, Veronica?” he said between kisses and licks to her throat. She couldn’t answer, couldn’t find the words to respond. All she could do was nod.





The First Time


A Virgin for Two Brothers


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The Long and Short of it Reviews
Written by undefined on 10th Nov 2013

The first time doesn’t have to be grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it, not with Kristoff St. Michaels around anyway! This story is set in the future, 2135 to be precise, and women are now trained in submission and then auctioned off to be married. Once bought, often for ridiculously high prices, they are at the mercy of their new husbands. Their lot in life has been carved out for them. Veronica Dubois is one of these such virgins and as she stands naked on the platform at the auctions, waxed, and creamed and primped to look her best, she is understandably nervous. What if a cruel and mean man purchases her? Her life will be nothing but misery. But fate is kind to Veronica and she is snapped up by the handsome Kristoff and whisked off to his mansion. Kristoff may be kind but he is also older than Veronica and huge! Luckily though all goes to plan… I really enjoyed this book by Ms Snow. Lately I’ve had a run of so-so books but this one caught my attention and kept me reading long after I should have turned the light off and snuggled down to sleep. Why? Because it is well written, the characters are believable despite the slightly unbelievable premise and the sex is h…h…hot! Some really unique lines and descriptions that I haven’t come across before of an act written about a million times. Also there is nothing else to distract from what the plot is all about. No annoying extra characters or murder mystery – you get my drift – it is just about Veronica and Kristoff spending their first night together in the most deliciously sexy of ways. So if you want a short-ish read, that’s full of sex, a little different and artfully crafted, The First Time might just be the book for you!

The Romance Review
Written by TRR on 1st Jul 2013

Combine the edge and language of a contemporary romance, a storyline based in the year 2135, and an arranged marriage that resembles historical romance novels and you will get THE FIRST TIME. I really didn't know what to expect from this story other than I knew it was a short story and it had a lot of the ingredients I like in a romance, albeit usually in several very different books! I was really wondering how a virgin auction with purchased brides and a futuristic background would all come together, but I have to say Jenika Snow found a way to write a really creative concept and still maintain a steam factor that usually would be hard to come by in a first time experience like this one. Veronica and Kristoff were both well-thought-out and well-written characters and I loved the amount of emotion the reader could sense from both of them. I normally find it hard to get into a romance in such a short time frame but I could really imagine these characters, their feelings, and reactions. I would love to see this story expanded into a full-length novel where the author is able to describe what the world is like in 2135, how virgin auctions came about, and to see what becomes of Veronica and Kristoff!

The TBR Pile Reviews
Written by The TBR Pile on 22nd May 2013

Veronica is about to be auctioned off to a husband. Will it be a fairy tale or a nightmare? There was good world building. I liked the characters, Veronica was really great. Everything was a bit rushed but it was still an entertaining read with lots of heat. The sex was perfectly written, wicked and sensual. I would have loved a longer story to get more depth to the characters. The First Time is a quick read that holds a lot of heat.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by NOR on 10th May 2013

Veronica has spent her whole life training to be something she's not. Oh, she's a virgin alright. But submissive isn't what she is deep down. As she waits to be bid on by an unseen man who will be her husband, she plays the part but inside she's terrified and prepared for the worst. Kristoff had a wife before but lost her to an accident. Now he's ready to start again and let someone into his heart. Veronica is the woman who captures his eye and he vows to do right by her, even though others think his leniency with his first wife resulted in her death. But even though he's buying her he views Veronica as a person, not a possession. Could Veronica be getting the best rather than the worst? What a depressing picture of the future. Lots of questions were raised in my mind, but this is a short story so I had to suspend them. The chemistry between Kristoff and Veronica was good and I liked him immediately as he put Veronica at ease. The wedding night was a little awkward, as expected; these people just met! It still managed to be hot, though. All in all, a good read.